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I’m what you might call a bit of a “workout jumper”. I love fitness, but I confess that I’m sort of out there always looking for next best thing in workout programs, DVDs, training, ect. You name it, chances are I’ve taken a stab at it at one point or another:

-Jillian Michaels



Shane and I ran in a mud run last spring

-Weight training




-Tae Bo (yep, old school Billy)

-Title Boxing


Admittedly, I have never tried yoga…I just can’t stay still for that long. Usually, I’ll stick with a given program anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months, but will invariably end up finding something else new that I want to try, and dive into that. I never get bored- but I also don’t tend to see results that last. (Something I’ll hopefully be able to work through on the old blog here!)

So, this is where I’ll record, review, give updates and share all of my workouts and programs I try. If I come up with one on my own, I’ll share those too!

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