My Very First WIAW

Happy Hump Day! Have you guys done anything extra exciting or productive today? Personally, I can’t believe it’s already halfway through the week, let alone already 2:00 o’clock.


Today started bright and early with a morning appointment, then ran a few errands and headed back home to get some work done. (If any of you have been following for a little while, you might know that this week is traditionally my most busy week.) But today I wanted to make sure and get as much of my work done as possible because Shane is on a place as we speak on his way back home. 🙂

I hate to be happy that his Vegas trip has come to an end- but hey, I’m only human.

So, for my post today (and for the first time ever on Fitbie Bride) I wanted to do a little something known in blog land as WIAW- also known as What I Ate Wednesday!

This post, porpular among lots of healthy living blogs, sort of goes back to the original “food blog” idea- basically, a whole post dedicated to the foods eaten on a single day.

Exciting, right? 😉 I know, I know…work with me.

Without any further adieu- here we go, FBB’s very first WIAW!



Yesterday morning began bright and early (sensing a pattern here?) with a mini egg white and turkey sausage omelet.  This guy might be little, but it packed a serious flavor and protein punch and kept me full for a good 4 hours while I worked yesterday morning.

Also, that giant Venti mug was about 2/3 full of hot coffee. Yum.

That’s my kind of breakfast.



Around 11:00am, I was wanting something to sip on. I’m trying to drink less coffee (easier said than done, for sure) so I went the other route and decided to pull out my Christmas 2013 Green tea kettle and make, what else, green tea!



I love this kettle. Love it.



Along with my giant mug-o-green tea, I also snacked on a small hand full of almonds for a little extra protein and some healthy fats. Perfect little snack.

After working some more and squeezing in a kickboxing workout (more specifically, Kenpo X- love my weekly dose of Tony) I whipped up a chocolate and greens smoothie for lunch.



Yes. This color is horrific.

It tasted rockin’ though. 😉

In the mix:

– 1 cup almond milk

-2 huge hand fulls of spinach

– 1 scoop chocolate mocha Fit Frappe protein powder

-1/4 cup water (for texture)

-1 tbs. chia seeds 

– ice (duh)

It might not have been pretty, but it kept me full until 7:00pm when I finally got around to eating dinner. Mom and I were on our own last night (my dad was away on business), so we decided not to cook anything and ventured out for You-Pick-Two combos at Panera instead.

I opted for the cup of broccoli cheddar soup (it’s the best. the. best.) and a half Greek salad with shrimp. The salad was meh…the shrimp was awesome, but there was too much tomato for me.

Alrighty kiddos- I have more work to do, and then I have a sweet future husband to kiss…and probably a little more work later tonight.

Catch ya later!


The Truth Hurts


I know you guys are sick of seeing green smoothie photos.


(or maybe not? I guess I’ve only posted a couple other ones.)

But frankly,  these babies are just about the only exciting thing I’ve done this week.


Go figure.

Workouts this week have actually been pretty on point- I did 20 minutes on the stationary bike on Monday, and then Rachel came over and we did 40 minutes of Tae Bo (old schooool). Tuesday I ran 1 mile at tempo speed, then did 35 minutes steady state on the ARC trainer. Yesterday, I did a full body resistance workout and ran 4 miles (score- never gets old). This afternoon was another cross training day, so I did 30 minutes high resistance on the elliptical and then did 10 minutes of 30 second sprint/30 second recover at 8mph and 4mph respectively.

Tomorrow, I have another 4 mile run and some ab work on the agenda.

I’ve also been doing pretty spot on with my eating this week, as well. This may or may not directly correlate with the things I’ve chosen to give up for Lent this year.

Shall we recap?




-“processed” food (it sounded great when I started)



Actually, I do always observe Lent…and it’s traditional for the “Lenten Fast” to be observed by giving up sweets, pastries, ect. (which is why you’re supposed to go out and eat pancakes on Fat Tuesday. No. I didn’t make that up. I remember reading it.)

But still, the truth hurts sometimes.

A lot.


On a happier note, tomorrow-  Shane and I have an appointment with our new apartment to pick a move in date (wooooo) and figure out how long a lease we want to sign. Saturday, we have a date with some furniture store sales and Sunday we have a meeting with our visiting Pastor for our wedding Pastor Joe. I’ll tell you guys something…there are some real adult things happening in these parts.

We also have plans to go see The Lego Movie tomorrow night. (LEGO BATMAN)


So there’s that.

Seriously. 5th times charm, right?

I have a little work to finish up, some delicious tea to make and a whole lotta Grey’s Anatomy to watch (did anyone catch last week’s episode? WHAAAAAT?) so that’ll about do it for me tonight.

Have a fantastic, fantastic Thursday evening!

Blame It On The Weather

Well, another weekend has passed…and we still haven’t gone to see the Lego Movie yet.

Total bummer.

I blame the weather- it dumped a mix of sleet and snow on us over the course of Saturday night/Sunday and it was down right disgusting out there for a while. Luckily, it isn’t nearly as bad today, so I’m looking forward to hitting the gym later this afternoon after I finish up my work.

That isn’t to say that the gross weather kept me away from the gym yesterday, though!

My dad and I went together yesterday afternoon, even in the midst of the winter mess.



If you can’t tell, we both had a great workout! (Oh hey, FILA shoes! I love those laces.)

I also had a great workout- I managed to run 5 miles yesterday, as per my training program instructed. WOOP! It’s been years since I’ve run 5 miles.




It took me roughly 50 minutes to run those 5 miles- so yeah, that’s about 10 minutes per mile…oooof. If anyone else out there is doing the math, that would be put me at roughly 2 hours and 11 minutes for a half marathon.

Double oooof.

I’m gonna have to pick up the pace, guys. Even if all I do is run my “virtual half”, that’s still a wicked long time. 😦 Oh well, at least I’m working on it!

Other highlights from this weekend include Wichita State finishing the regular season at a PERFECT 31-0! Super exciting stuff right there!

Shane and I also never made it out furniture shopping, so I’m hoping maybe I can convince him to go with me this weekend while it’s nice outside. Fingers crossed! What with him getting set to move into the apartment next month (what?) we’ll need something to sit on at least!

In other news, I’m obsessed with Pharrell’s song from Despicable Me 2.



“Because I’ happpppppppyyyy!”

I rocked out to it through nearly half of my run yesterday- even thought towards the end I wasn’t feeling “happy” so much as “achy”.

It is awesome. I was bummed he didn’t win for best original song last night at the Oscar’s, but I loved Frozen too, so I can’t complain.

I also made the most delicious Spinach smoothie after my run yesterday!



Check out that amazing green color. And, don’t be fooled- it was so good.

In the smoothie:

-1 huge hand full spinach

-1/4 cup water

-1/4 cup OJ

-1/2 granny smith apple

-1 slice lemon (juiced)

-3 chunks frozen pineapple (could also use 1/2 banana, but I prefer the tropical tang of pineapple)


I put the water and OJ in first, just to make sure everything gets moving. This is delicious, tart and full of good for you fruits and greens! A total winner in my book. I’m probably going to make one again today- I just don’t know if I’ll wait for post workout, or if I’ll make it for lunch instead!

Also, on a total side note, is anyone else out there still watching The Walking Dead like I am? I feel like there might be a romance brewing…and I LOVE IT! I know most people might think its weird or creepy or just sort of gross, but I love Daryl and want nothing more than for him to find love. If it’s a circumstance of the zombie apocalypse, so be it.

Alright folks, that’s about it for me today. I have a little work to finish up, a green smoothie to make, and a back/shoulders workout to get to before hitting the Stairmaster for a little cross training action. I realized last night that as of today- we’re a little less than 12 weeks out from the Big Day! (Exactly 87 days—-eeeee!) It’s time for me to really buckle down and get stuff done- so you’ll likely be seeing lots of green smoothies, running updates, egg white scrambles, chicken and fresh veggie recipes on here for the next little bit!

Have a fantastic Monday 🙂


Blog Fail

Hi friends.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t been taking really any photos at all of things these past few days. Truthfully, I’ve mostly just been working, running errands or finding time to hit the gym- and that just doesn’t leave much to be desired in the way of healthy living blogging.

Blogger fail.

I can tell you that I’ve had really solid workouts all week.

I can also tell you that I’ve been eating well, drinking a ton of water, and trying to limit my intake of soda.

Pretty boring, huh?

Last night, my mom and I went to look around a little bit for jewelry for my bridesmaids. Then, I went on a little venture of my own to pick out a couple things for Shane’s Valentine’s Day gift!

I love Valentine’s Day. I just do.


It doesn’t hurt that I’m marrying a man who has some of the most unique, impressive and creative ways of celebrating V-day on the plant.

Two years ago, we “went” to Paris. Shane created this gorgeous table, a “window” with a view of the Eiffel Tower outside it, French music, delicious (and homemade) French food- and even a plane ride.

Yup. He recorded the sounds of a plane ride- complete with the southern pilot, dinging “seat belt” signs, complimentary champagne- the works.

I used to have photos of it on my phone, but I’ve gotten a new phone since then and I don’t know where they are anymore!

Then last year, we “went” to Cancun. We had a table on the beach, tropical music and super delicious quesadillas. Oh, and the plane…the plane…let’s just say he went ultra “authentic” with it- complete with shots of tequila.

As for this year, I got Shane to tell me that we’ll actually be making a trip to Italy this year. But, since he’s pretty sure he threw out the window and the wall, “we might just have a table right in the middle of the piazza.”

He’s so cute.

So, even though this post might be a tad on the boring side- let me just say this: I’ll be sure and take plenty of photos tomorrow night!

As for now, I need to run a few more errands, get a pedicure and finish my workout for today- I went over lunch the past 2 days to get my cardio in and I’ve really enjoyed that.

Catch ya later, alligators!

Weekend Update

I bet you guys think I’m going to spam your innocent little blog-reading eyes with an update from last night’s Walking Dead mid-season premiere, huh.


Well you’d be wrong my friends! Wrong, for a number of reasons. The first being- hey, homie don’t play that “spoilers” game. And the second being I’m still not sure how I feel about it?

Don’t get me wrong- I love the show. It’s always good.

Even when it isn’t.

Mostly, I didn’t love the story lines they focused on in last night’s episode. I have a list of favorite characters, and you guys all know what happened to my number 1 at the end of the mid-season finale. (It’s still so fresh.)

But I have a list of other favorites, and not a single one was shown or even mentioned last night. I’m still stressed out because I don’t know what’s happened to any of them! All we got last night was a whiney Carl (surprise, surprise) and a Michonne mental collapse (big woop).

Okay- done complaining. Moving on!

Happy Monday! Is everyone ready to get back on track for this coming week?

I’ll tell you what, the one thing I’m probably most excited about this week (besides Valentine’s Day, which despite it being a completely commercial holiday, I still love it) is the fact that we’re going to get a weather warm up round these parts!


In the course of one week, it’s going to go from a high of 28 to a wopping high of 62.


Kansas, folks. You don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes.

Apart from that excitement, Shane and I actually got some big stuff done this weekend.

We chose our apartment (finally!) and we’ll be taking our application and down payment in there this evening.

We also chose our bedding and some bathroom stuff for the apartment, and put it on our registry.

The pattern we chose is called ‘Glass Block’, and I am obsessed with it!


The cool taupe, green, grey and blue is so calming and it’s exactly what I had envisioned for a master bedroom. We also registered for some amazing European sham pillows that I LOVE!

Can you tell I’m excited?

Then, on Sunday, we ventured out into the snow in search of some furniture. We didn’t find the type of couch or chairs we were looking for, but we did *shockingly) find a bed frame that both her and I fell in love with.

It’s called the Southport, and we found it at Haverty’s.


It comes in both distressed white,  and also a gorgeous distressed pine finish- seen above.

We chose pine, because we both wanted brown wood.

Plus, if you can tell in the bedding photo above, our BB and B bedding is going to look so gorgeous against the distressed pine finish!

I’m so pleased that Shane and I seem to be (at least on the big stuff) on the exact same page for our furniture- we really want an old-meets-new, refinished vibe and so the wood on that bed was perfect- and the detail in the frame is gorgeous.

One piece down, about 6 more to go!

Also exciting- over the weekend, I got a package….of water bottles!


Yes! I got a package of pink polycarbonate, ½ gallon water bottles and I am OBSESSED.


Do you guys even know how much of a hassle it was to try and drink a gallon of water a day in 16oz increments?

Do you? (And yes, that is The Walking Dead on the tv in the background)

These little beauties are going to make my life so much easier. Plus they’re pink.

Rock on.

Alright kiddos, the gym is calling my name- and then I have to get to that apartment before it closes for the day! I’m hoping to have a new workout for you all later on this week, so keep an eye out for that.

Have a great night!

It’s a Thing

Let me tell you guys something.

I remember some time ago, in the not so distant past, when getting up at 6:30 felt like it was the earliest, most horrifying hour of the morning. 7:00am- piece of cake. But 6:30?


Fast forward to now- and getting up at 6:30 on a week day throws me for a loop. Often times, if I skip my first alarm and let me second alarm wake me up instead, I’m shocked at how different 6:30 feels than my “first alarm”- aka 5:15.

5:15am. The new normal. If someone had ever told me that I would go to bed every night setting my alarm for 5:15am, I would have laughed.

But here we are, almost 8 months into my first “big girl” job and 5:15 is the usual.

Now, I don’t usually get up at 5:15 (unless it’s for a morning workout) but I still, always, without fail set my alarm for this time.

No matter what.


I guess it isn’t the worst habit to have? Unless I’m having a rough morning, and end up snoozing the alarm from 5:15 to 7:00.


The whole point of this story was mainly to illustrate that A) I have issues with the snooze button, and B) I got up yesterday morning for another early workout.

Woop! Another victory!

The workout of choice yesterday morning was actually an older Jillian Michaels workout that I haven’t done in forever- the “second week” workout from Ripped In 30.


It wasn’t the hardest workout I’ve ever completed, but it wasn’t a joke either. I got a good, sweaty 30 minutes in before 6:15 even showed it’s face.

I’d say that’s a Friday morning win!

I also made an amazing Blueberry Banana Oatmeal smoothie that was oh so tasty.


I really wanted to celebrate coffee Friday with the rest of my Starbucks gift card from Christmas, but there were some unforeseen circumstances that arose, so that had to be nixed.


After work, I went home to change for another workout until Shane let me know he actually had to work the open casting call for The Amazing Race last night. This guy- can you believe that’s part of his job?

I feel like this post is a bit scattered?

I blame all of the 5:15am alarms.

Anyways, it was all winning yesterday…until Shane and I went out on an adventure.

An adventure to find a movie we’ve been trying to rent on On Demand for the past 3 weekends.

Until realizing it won’t ever be out on On Demand.

So, we did the next most logical thing.

Red Box.

Low and behold, the red box was completely “rented out” of it. I seriously couldn’t believe it. I told Shane last night that I’m feeling like maybe we aren’t meant to see this movie after all?

The movie, just so you guys know, is….

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters!


I’ve been wanting to watch this for forever. I think stories about sea monsters are fascinating. I have a thing about sea monsters, mythical sea beings and prehistoric ocean dwelling things.

I dunno. It’s a thing.

I especially love this frighteningly awesome Plesiosaurus.


While he ^^^^^ probably doesn’t make an appearance in the movie, I still really want to see it! Normally I have much better taste in movies, I promise. My love of sea monsters is impairing my judgement.

I’m thinking we’ll go out in search of a new Red Box tonight- fingers crossed that they have it this time!

As for right now, we’re watching our home team WSU Shocker game. They are playing KILLER lately, and Shane goes to school there, so we’re pretty big fans.

After that, a workout may be in the agenda. We’ll see! 😉

Have a fantastic Saturday night guys!

A Fan of Early Morning Workouts

Howdy, howdy! How’s everyone doing today? It’s Wednesday, which means it’s officially half way through the week! Crazy? I feel like it’s flown by.

On to more exciting things- like awesome workouts.

Do you guys not just love it when you get a really awesome workout in? How about when you get an awesome workout in before 7:00am?

Well, this girl got both of these today. I started my morning bright and early (I only snoozed my alarm once- score) at around 5:25am and headed down to the oh-so-dark basement for a kick butt morning workout. On tap for today was a P90x workout called Core Synergistics.

Sounds innocent enough, right?


Holy moly- my entire body is sore already and it’s not even been 12 hours? My shoulders, obliques, quads- even my back is sore. It’s a 55 minute workout comprised mostly of planks, power yoga, chaturanga holds, pushups, standing crunches and good old calisthenics like mountain climbers, sprints, jumping jacks and something called “the half back” that, while it’s not even close to being the hardest move in the mix, is still noteworthy and is actually my personal favorite because it’s based in athletic training.

Point being, it’s not an easy workout. But it definitely got my blood pumping this morning! I love getting a good sweat in all before 6:30am. On the flip side, I’ve actually found that I have more energy and have been more productive today because of the earlier start to my day- always a plus.

I’m definitely a fan.

My goal for the rest of this week is to get early morning sessions in every day. Hopefully I can keep with it! I’m loving not having to think or worry about my workout after I get home from work.

That’s not to say I won’t also be participating in evening workouts this week, however. I might still sneak in a few extras with my sweetie- those workout dates really are awesome.

Tonight I’m actually going to be trying out a Jazzercise class with my mom and our family friend (who actually bought me those Jazzercise passes for Christmas) tonight around 5:30. I’m really excited to try it out! I totally wanted to wear leg warmers but I was told that’s not really the kind of Jazzercise we’ll be doing.

jazzercise 80s


After Jazzercise, I’m heading over to Shane’s house to do some more research on where we want to go for our honeymoon. I think we’ve narrowed it down pretty well- thanks to numerous website reviews and advice from family and friends. The only real question now is which resort are we going to (Will it be all inclusive or not? Which part of the beach do we want?) and when exactly we’ll be heading there. I mean, obviously…after the wedding. But when exactly.

So we still have a couple last minute things to think about, but we’re pretty confident we’ll be able to book by the end of the work week. I am so excited! Shane and I have been on several trips together, including twice to Disney World.

Check out that insane red hair I have going on. Whoa…Little Mermaid, anyone?

And once to North Carolina to visit his grandparents. We played a mean game of beach football- team USA vs. team Canada. I actually think we lost.

We also got ourselves some pretty sweet matching sweat shirts.

We really love traveling together. We actually joke that our very first “date” was actually at the Chili’s To Go in the Atlanta airport on a layover coming home from our first trip to Disney. (It wasn’t our first date, obviously. We’d already been dating for 6 months. But up until that point I hadn’t eaten an actual meal in front of him…mostly popcorn. We watched a lot of movies.:) )

Anyhoo, that’s some exciting wedding news. We’re also getting really close to picking out our invitations, and Shane and I will continue apartment hunting here in the near future.

So many life changes are happening right now, guys. It blows my mind. But I can’t believe how blessed I am by everything that’s happening for Shane and I. We have so much to look forward to, and so many wonderful people to share it all with!

Well I have to run to the bank and figure out some not so fun online banking stuff before heading out to Jazzercise- don’t worry, I’ll be sure to let you guys know how it goes. 😉
Have a great night!

Things I’m Loving Thursday and a Hint

Aloha friends! It’s been 3 days since my last post, which I am so sorry about.

I know I haven’t been updating this here blog as often as I usually do- this has been a crazy week! First full week back to work and all that jazz. 😉

However, I wanted to take the time to post today for sure because I have a fun post scheduled. And, I have an even more exciting post scheduled for tomorrow…which involves a big announcement for FBB!

But for now, on to the fun stuff!


 Things I’m Loving Thursday (usually, this is on a Friday, but the english grad in me loves some good alliteration)

 My fiance


This isn’t a surprise, but I wanted to bring it up because a) it’s true and b) I wanted to brag a little bit. I mean, really…how cute is he?


Shane and I had our first of three premarital counseling sessions last night, and it was so much fun. Our Pastor asked us a bunch of questions about how we met and started dating, our story, ect. We had a blast reminiscing, and we were reminded of a lot of the fun things we’ve gotten to do together in our 4 and 1/2 years.

We made it through a lot to be standing where we are now (granted, these are stories for another post entirely) but I can only say that I am so blessed to be marrying the man of my dreams. 


True Life: I’m marrying my first crush.

All joking aside, one of things our Pastor pointed out to us yesterday was that our being together isn’t a coincidence. I was created to fit with Shane. God was working in our lives and in our relationship before we even knew one another- and that is such an amazing thing to see.

He’s my best friend. The best person I’ve ever known and the kindest, most generous man.

Plus, he’s without a doubt the funniest person you’ll ever meet.



I’m a blessed gal, friends.

Wedding Planning

We’re starting to buckle down now! Looking at invitations, making our wedding registries, preparing to book our honeymoon and apartment hunting. It’s getting so real! I’m also starting to think about my bachelorette party and bridal showers, which are such fun things to be planning for! I’m totally loving it. 😉

My Fitbit


I bored you guys with how much I love this thing last week, so I won’t bore you again. But it’s awesome. It’s a great motivator and it just makes you want to do good things for your body!

 Workout Dates (P90x)


This week, Shane and I have already had 2 P90x workout dates- and we have another planned for tomorrow. (You like our various weights scattered everywhere? You also can’t see my running up and down the stairs here, but I totes was) We did Plyo on Tuesday, Shoulders and Arms yesterday and we will be getting our Legs and Back on tomorrow night. So fun!

Seriously, I highly reccomend workouts with your significant other. It’s a lot of fun, makes the time fly by and a little extra time spent together is never a bad thing!

 Green Tea


Have you guys tried this Yogi tea before? If you love green tea, or even if you just tolerate it, this is a must try. The blueberry flavor is perfect, and with all the great things that green tea does for the body, you really can’t make a better beverage choice in my opinion!


I’m digging this Active Metabolism vitamin. Plus, it’s a rockin lime green color. The only thing I don’t love about it is how nauseous it makes me. But the pros outweigh the cons, so I guess I’ll have to tough that part out! Does anyone have any advice on how to take these so they don’t make you feel so sick? I’m all ears!


Bed, Bath and Beyond

Yeah, you heard right. I’m all about the BB and B lately! We started playing around with our wedding registry here and I’m obsessed. Plus, now you can do almost everything online! Combining my love of online shopping with planning my wedding? Get outta town. 😉

Exciting Secret Packages


This, friends. This is what I am super duper loving today. I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting this little package is!

What’s inside it, you ask?

Well, I can’t tell you. Not until tomorrow. BUT I can give you a (big) hint…

It’s a big deal for me, and for FBB in general.


Any guesses?

Looks like you’ll have to check back in tomorrow to find out for sure! 😉

Until then, have an awesome Friday-eve. Get a good sweat in, relax, take a load off- whatever it is you have planned for tonight, I hope it’s all great! I myself have a martial arts inspired workout on the agenda, and then a little more Bridal Shower planning.

Catch you guys later!

Losing 2 Whole Days

Well hi there! Points to whoever can guess what inspired that title post. 😉 It seems like its been quite a while since I last stopped in to chat. 2 whole days with no post? Yeesh. It seems longer! There was a lot going on with work this week- we were on deadline for the Magazine.

Deadline didn’t mean that there was no Christmas fun to be had around then office, though! There was plenty of gift giving, white elephant exchanges and other goodies to be had. Some solid workouts were thrown in as well, along with a renewed 2014 goal.

So let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?


Earlier in the week, the wonderful and talented ladies that design our magazine put together and gifted us some pretty awesome gift baskets.



The little basket is super cute, and it was positively loaded with goodies!

A Starbucks Caramel iced coffee Via, plenty of candy treats (some super unique ones that I would have sworn no one else liked as much as I do!) and the best part- that gorgeous Starbucks gift card!

Did anyone else know that you can register your Starbucks gift cards and have them on your phone? You can reload them, get free coffees and get all sorts of other cool perks? The gift that keeps on giving!

There was also a delicious packet of Land o Lakes hot cocoa in there that I promptly tore into and shared with my mamma.


And that little candy you see there? That, my friends, is a mini Toberlone. YES- the very same candy we all came to know and love through FRIENDS. (Ya know, the episode where Joey wants the Toberlone from Ross’s girlfriend/fiance/wife/British lady, Emily?)


Yes, normally they are quite a bit larger. (Understatement?)  But this little baby was just perfect for me while sipping on some of that cocoa. YUM.

(I don’t know if any of these fine ladies read the blog, but if they do—-Thank you again for the wonderful treats, girls!)


Alright, this goody basket wasn’t the only awesome gift I received this week! No, no…there was much fun to be had still.

On Monday, my coworker had a very fun gift for me. Check this out:



Isn’t that so cute? I thought it was hilarious. Because it’s true. My boss, my coworker and I go through coffee like it’s our job. Holy smokes, it’s insane.



Case in point- this very giant large black coffee that was absolutely necessary yesterday morning after our week on deadline. (I just love that sign- it speaks so much truth.)

She also had a wonderful book for me from author/mega-preacher/ motivational speaker Joel Osteen. It made for a wonderful gift and I love all of it! (Thank you so much, again! 😉 )

Yesterday, we had our staff/contractor Christmas get together. We all met for lunch at a local Mediterranean restaurant called Adrian’s for some good food and good company. We also had a “White Elephant” gift exchange that wasn’t really white elephant at all- all of the gifts were top notch!

I ended up snagging this gorgeous bottle of Moscato from one of our photographers. Does he have great taste in wine or what?



Moscato happens to be Shane’s favorite type of wine, so of course I took this with me last night when I went over to his house. We each tried a glass, and it was simply delicious.




And it’s from Italy? No Barefoot or Yellowtail for us, no siree! (Let me just say that I actually adore Yellowtail, but my inner wine snob was very excited to have this pretty bottle to open up!)

It was a great get together, all in all. 🙂


Today, my dad had the job of Santa and delivered some gifts around to some of our family friends. When he returned home, he had some gifts in hand in return!

One of our good family friends always gives us the best home baked cookies and delicious Baklava- which she delivered beautifully on this year as well. However, there were some other things in the bag this year that had me super excited:



She got my mom and I both the gift of fitness! We have 12 Jazzercise classes that we can attend for free this winter- and I am super pumped!



While I’m totally into my strength training and stair mastering right now, you can never go wrong with trying out some new exercises classes. I danced for 14 years (from when I was 3 until I was a Junior in high school) and dancing is in my blood. I’ve always been a Zumba fan (despite the fact that I don’t feel like it gives me quite the burn other classes do), so Jazzercise is right up my alley. It will be a great addition to my current program!

I’m loving all of these thoughtful, hilarious and exciting gifts so far this season! Have you guys gotten any exciting gifts yet?



I can’t remember if I mentioned this already or not- but Tuesday’s workout was a 30 minute leg session and a 40 minute stair master workout.

Wednesday was a rest day.

Thursday was an “A.M. Fat Burner” workout from my old pal, Mike.

Friday was a 40 minute back/triceps/biceps workout and a 35 minute cardio session on the stair master.

Today (…here in a little bit, as soon as I get off the computer) is a P90X workout of my choice. So that has yet to be decided! I’m leaning towards either Kenpo or Cardio x…but I’ll be sure to let you guys know!


Alrighty then, I have a bunch of stuff to get done today! It’s supposed to get really icey and snowy (probably right as this is posting, since it’s a sneaky scheduled post 😉 ) and so I’m anticipating being slightly snowed in today.

I really, really hate ice. And snow. Mostly because it keeps from doing things I want/need to do (like having lunch with friends and cuddling with my fiance), but also because it’s just such a hassle.


I have some Christmas gift wrapping, some organizing, meal prepping for next week, workout scheduling for next week- and, some very special Christmas baking to do!

Know what that means?

YES– I’ll have a brand new recipe for you, coming up tomorrow! Can you just feel the excitement?



Sunday Set Up on a Monday

Happy Monday!

Did anyone else’s weekend just zoom by? Mine flew- I guess I was busier than I thought?

Friday night, Shane and I stayed in and watched Fast and Furious 6. It was definitely bitter sweet- knowing they’ll have to continue on without Paul Walker is actually really sad. He seemed like a pretty great guy, and I know his presence will be missed.

On a happier note, that movie really is a solid one. It has a good cast, great special effects and a story line that’s pretty hard to hate. 😉 In all seriousness, it’s a very entertaining movie that Shane and I are both huge fans of. From what I understand, a portion of the proceeds from purchasing the DVD go towards Paul Walker’s charity, Reach Out World Wide.

Even if you aren’t a big F&F fan like we are, the movie is worth purchasing if only for that reason.

For those that want to know a little bit more about the charity, here is some verbage from it’s “About” Page:

While part of a relief team responding to the massive earthquakes that devastated Haiti on January 12, 2010; Actor/Producer Paul Walker saw a gap between the availability of skilled resources and the requirement for such personnel in post-disaster situations. Following the trip he contacted a group of his friends to assist him in forming ROWW with the purpose of filling this unmet need.

ROWW is a network of committed professionals with first responder skill-set (including project management, logistics, heavy equipment operation, EMT, paramedic, firefighting, and healthcare, etc). The volunteers provide their expertise when disasters strike and augment local resources with the goal of accelerating relief efforts on a worldwide basis. ROWW has developed Standard Operating Procedures that facilitate arriving quickly, clearing access, providing basic necessities and medical assistance to ease the survivors’ pain and bringing hope in the bleakest of circumstances.


Like I said, Paul Walker seemed like a great guy. I pray that his legacy can be extended.


Okay, on another, much lighter note- Shane and I discovered a new tasty treat in the organic section of Dillon’s on Friday…


Guys, this stuff is delicious. It’s light and airy, light on calories and big on flavor. We got the theatre butter flavor (it wasn’t buttery at all, but instead had a great nutty flavor that was awesome) and we both gave it 2 thumbs up. (I’m gonna try the cracked black pepper flavor next time!)

And the best part? It’s made with my favorite secret health food!


Chia Seeds- woo!


Definitely a scrumptious snack. 🙂

On Saturday, my mom and I had an appointment with our florist for the wedding. We got all ready, headed over there, got out of the car and- nothing. It was closed. Apparently, there was a miscommunication?

So my mom and I decided to go shopping for Christmas presents instead.

This also didn’t happen. One look at the beyond crazy parking lots everywhere and we were down for the count.




What we did end up doing was going to a local interior design store to check out some great local artists. Our good family friend was there showing her paintings, and my future sister-in-law and her husband were also there.

They take gorgeous photos, make hand bound note books, pretty boxes made of wood flooring and more amazing hand made items. They’re all gorgeous, and well made. I was glad I got to go see it all! (Plus getting to see some of nieces and nephews is always a wonderful thing!)


Saturday night, my parents and I decided we wanted to try a new burger place for dinner. It’s called Fizz  and it serves all kinds of delicious burgers and other side items. We chose to share a regular order of their sweet potato fries- which were a hit with me and dad. I also got their 1/4 lb. American Burger.



I highly recommend you guys try this place out!

Late Saturday night, Shane and I went to a 10:30 showing of The Hobbit. I don’t know if it was the fact that it was late, or that we were hungry…or what? I just wasn’t all that excited about it- which is saying something. The Lord of the Rings movies from back in 01, 02 and 03 are 3 of my favorite movies of all time. I don’t really know why this one didn’t excite me at all, but I guess the one from last year didn’t either.

Oh well!

On Sunday afternoon, Shane and I hit some stores for a little Christmas shopping of our own. I can’t tell you where we went exactly, but I did find some great stuff- currently, all my Christmas shopping is done! Woop!



So I know I missed posting on Saturday and Sunday, so this post has sort of been a combo of weekend stuff all smashed up together. I know it’s Monday, but I’d like to go ahead and do a Sunday Set Up anyway!

Here’s what this weeks workouts are gonna look like (I’m starting my program over again, but adding my own spin to it with different exercises and cardio throughout):

Monday- Shoulders/Core + cardio

Tuesday- Legs + Cardio

Wednesday- Back + Cardio

Thursday- Core + Cardio (subject to change due to work schedule)

Friday- Arms/ Legs + Cardio

Saturday- Chest/Back + Cardio

Sunday- Yoga/Rest

Cardio= 45-60 minutes of whatever cardio I’m feeling that day, either stair master, elliptical, cardio DVDs, treadmill or running outdoors

So that’s it for me this afternoon- Alright kiddos, I hope you have a great rest of your Monday! I’m off to fuel up and head to the gym 🙂