Let the Countdown Begin

Happy Friday! Do any of you guys have some exciting plans for the weekend? I can’t believe a whole week has flown by already? That’s just crazy talk.

You know what else is crazy talk? It’s officially only 3 months until the wedding day!

Yep- that’s right. Only about 91 days until I get to kiss this handsome man and become his wife!

_D3S8367 (* Tim Davis Photography)


Can you guys believe that, or what? It seems like just the other day I was talking about the wedding, and someone asked me when the big day was…and I said “Oh, not until the end of May.” And they gave me a look like “well that’s not too far off now” and I realized that it will legitimately be here before we know it!

Shane and I got the news this week that we’re officially approved for our apartment, and we’re good to go to begin the big move about mid-April- which is also super exciting news! We have a date at the furniture store tonight, so maybe we can start buckling down and finally pick some stuff out! I’m so excited I can’t even stand it…the possibilities are endless. 😉

In other news, my workouts this week have been stellar. Monday I had an Insanity date with Rachel, and then on Tuesday I succeeded in running 3 miles for the first time in probably years after I did some leg and arm training. Then Wednesday was a cross training day, so I lifted back and shoulders and then hopped on the treadmill for a long, high interval/high incline power walk. Yesterday was a running day again, and this time I made it 4 miles after about 30 minutes of ab work and a little superset leg and shoulder action.

Today, I have an appointment with the Stairmaster…and it’s looking like a long 5 mile run on Saturday. I’m loving adding running back into my plan! It’s truly one of the most gratifying forms of cardio for me.

I also have a few errands to run this afternoon- including to Ulta for a new curling wand and to Michael’s for some scrap booking materials. Then, this evening, we have an open house to attend, more furniture shopping and last but not least- Shane and I have plans to go see the Lego Movie! (YESSSSS!)

the_lego_movie_2014-wide (hahaha…little Lego Batman cracks me up)


Finally, we’ve legit tried 3 separate times to go and it’s been sold out every dang time. The solution is to hit the latest showing of it on a Friday night and hope most of the kiddies are in bed by then.

Wish us luck!

Have a fantastic Friday my sweet friends!

Question of the Day: Tomorrow is the very last home basketball game for the WSU Shockers and I am so excited to see them get to 31-0! Do any of you locals love the Shox as much as I do? Do any of you out-of-staters know anything about the Shockers?

A Wedding-full Weekend

Howdy everyone! How was everybody’s weekend? I’m hoping they were all as good as mine were!

Given the fact that a whopping ton happened over the weekend, I’m going to be all in favor of just launching straight in without much small talk- I’m not overly good at it, anyway.

First thing’s first- we got to Kansas City around 7 on Friday night, ate some delicious salads that my Aunt Julie had so thoughtfully picked up for us, and went to bed right around 8:30. We were exhausted.

On Saturday morning, mom and I left around 7:45 to get to my 8:15a.m. dress fitting. Even thought it was wicked early, it didn’t stop me from ooing and awing all over the place at how stunning my dress is. I couldn’t love it any more! I really wish I could spoil it and post a photo but I just can’t bring myself to do that…but hey, only about 3 months now until wedding time so it won’t be much longer anyway!

On Saturday night, I met up with my maid of Honor Amanda and two of my bridesmaids, Justine and Laura, for dinner. I hadn’t gotten to see or talk to any of these girls for so long so it was a really nice time to just sit and catch up. (I’m kicking myself now for not taking photos…what a dumb move!)

I did, however, snap a few photos of Justine’s brand new rescue puppy!


Is he not the cutest? He’s an Australian Shepard mix by the name of Qincey- pictured here wearing the bow tie collar that his mama bought him.

He’s too cute, and so insanely well behaved for only being 5 months! He loves people, too, which is a huge bonus. He was definitely a welcome surprise this weekend! (She had just adopted him on Saturday afternoon.)

Alright, and now to the stuff I know everyone has been dying to hear about….my first Bridal Shower! (every photo I’m about to post was either taken by Amanda, Amanda’s mom or my Aunt Julie…so photo cred should go to them! I was too busy feeling like an absolute princess to snap any photos 😉 )








Is that spread unreal or what? Amanda and her sweet mom Shari went to so much trouble to make everything so perfect and special and I just couldn’t get over how beautiful everything was! (Not to mention delicious…those gluten free chocolate heart cakes were like fudge. So good.) Not to mention there was a wicket Sangria and some amazing Almond Sweet Tea that knocked my socks off. YUM.


And don’t even get me started on the gorgeous flowers or the beautiful grey and white monogram painting that Shari painted especially for us. Pictured above- is that not beautiful? Everything was grey and pink and white and perfect- all the colors that will be at our wedding were incorporated! Seriously, I was floored.





Everything, down to the tiniest detail of the little bows on the party favors, was perfect.

The entire event was so much fun! We started with food, and then when we all moved to sit down by the gifts we played a game. Amanda had sneakily asked Shane a whole bunch of fun questions about us and our relationship, and I had to guess what his answers were- or else suffer the consequences (aka- eat a Mike and Ike).

I will say there were a couple that were a little tricky, but on the whole I’d say I know my man pretty well. 😉 Including his favorite movie of all time (Last Action Hero with Aw-nold) and where our “first date” was (the Chili’s To Go at the Atlanta Airport).  It was so fun to hear his responses and see if they matched up!

While opening gifts, each time I opened a given person’s gift they had to tell a funny story about me or me and Shane. It was so nice to have so many people I love surrounding me and telling fun stories! (Not to mention the gifts we got were crazy awesome- my friends and family are so generous!)



A sweet photo of me, Amanda and one of my bridal attendants, Katie- also a sorority sister of mine.


One of my mom, me, Amanda and mama Blue!

photo 2


The group of sorority gals that came! Aren’t they a gorgeous group? 😉

photo 1-1


Obligatory Theta “Kiting” photo! (You’ll be seeing a billion more of these, no doubt.) From left to right in this photo are my old roommate Emily, Katie, Amanda, me (doi), Justine and Laura. Looking at this photo makes me all kinds of happy.



Last but not least, me and the MOH! I can’t tell you guys enough how amazing she’s been through everything so far.

The entire afternoon was a huge success, and a fantastic kick off to “bridal season 2014”!  I’ll have to give you all a run down of all the loot that Shane and I got in another post sometime soon- there’s too much good stuff to throw it all in here at the end.

I hope you all had as good a weekend as I did! I have some work to catch up on, some errands to run and a workout to fit in so I’ll be a busy bee for the rest of the day, but be on the look out for that presents post coming up soon!





A Monday Post with No Photos

Happy Monday guys!

WOW I can’t even tell you how overwhelmingly positive, supportive and just all around awesome everyone’s response was to my post on Friday. I appreciate every single kind word, text and e-mail I received. It feels amazing going into this big journey with so much support and so much confidence from all of you.

You guys are rock stars. 🙂

Okay, so this weekend was a really awesome one. Too bad I literally got no photos…of anything.

On Friday evening, Shane and I met up with a bunch of his work friends (and I consider them my friends as well) for some end-of-the-week drinks.

I had a “Skinny Sweet Tea” (sorry, no photo…blogger fail) and it was delicious. Shane’s pick, however, tasted like Robitussen.


Anyway, here’s a photo of the gang that I 100% stole from Shane’s friend Erika’s Facebook.

Doesn’t this group look awesome?


I spent most of Saturday getting organized and putting around the house. I ended up having to get in the shower around 4:00 so I could start getting ready. Shane had his Holiday Party for work on Saturday night- I had much preparation to do.

I ended up curling my hair (which I don’t do as often as I should?) but the funny thing was I had just painted my nails and was worried that I’d mess them up. So, I did the only logical thing and asked my mom to help me.

The perks of living at home! (even if just for a little while longer)

My mom hadn’t curled my hair in forever- so it was actually kind of a nice throwback.

Anyhoooo, we arrived at the party just in time for dinner, prize drawings and speeches. We sat with essentially the same group that had gone out the night before, give or take a couple people.

After getting our butts handed to us doing the dollar dance- where we could have won $100 if we’d just out the dollar on our butts instead of our heads!( It’s not a long story, but…it’s more involved than I care to be currently. Maybe if I had a photo?) It was time for a couple drinks and some real dancing.

After a couple hours, one very nerve racking Shocker basketball game (everyone was watching around a table on someone’s cell phone. It was hilarious.) and a solid performance of both the Cupid Shuffle and the Wobble- it was time to head out.

We ended up going for one more drink at a local sports bar called the Fox and Hound with our friends Katie and Spencer. I know I’ve mentioned them before (Katie is a game night hostess extraordinaire) but just for clarity- Katie is Shane’s television co-host and Spencer is her fiancé. They’re both a lot of fun, and really wonderful people- we always have a blast when we get to spend some time with them!

So naturally, we had a blast on Saturday night!

Sunday, Shane and I went to the 11 o’clock service at the church we’re getting married in. It was really nice, because we got to hear Pastor Paul (pre-marital counseling/ wedding Paul) preach- and his sermon was exactly what Shane and I both needed to hear that morning. It was a really nice moment. Then, afterwards, we met with the pianist at the church who will be playing some of our wedding music. He was wonderfully nice, and I think I may have also found someone to play guitar and sing one of the other wedding songs- score!

Shane and I went for brunch after church, and then my mom and I actually wound up at Bed, Bath and Beyond to get more wedding registry information and to put a couple more things on my preliminary list. I’ll tell you what- there’s nothing quite as overwhelming as a wedding registry.

Especially in a store as big as BB and B.


However, we made some good head way, and I’m very excited about the things that we picked out. 🙂

Alrighty kiddos, that about does it for me tonight. We have the Golden Globes taped and I fully intend to watch it- before everyone’s Pinterest memes ruin all of the craziness for me.

Also on the agenda, a workout…of some sort. I haven’t decided what yet! I think I need another “set in stone” plan- those always seem to work best for me, takes all the guesswork out!

Have a great night everyone 🙂