Weekend Update

I bet you guys think I’m going to spam your innocent little blog-reading eyes with an update from last night’s Walking Dead mid-season premiere, huh.


Well you’d be wrong my friends! Wrong, for a number of reasons. The first being- hey, homie don’t play that “spoilers” game. And the second being I’m still not sure how I feel about it?

Don’t get me wrong- I love the show. It’s always good.

Even when it isn’t.

Mostly, I didn’t love the story lines they focused on in last night’s episode. I have a list of favorite characters, and you guys all know what happened to my number 1 at the end of the mid-season finale. (It’s still so fresh.)

But I have a list of other favorites, and not a single one was shown or even mentioned last night. I’m still stressed out because I don’t know what’s happened to any of them! All we got last night was a whiney Carl (surprise, surprise) and a Michonne mental collapse (big woop).

Okay- done complaining. Moving on!

Happy Monday! Is everyone ready to get back on track for this coming week?

I’ll tell you what, the one thing I’m probably most excited about this week (besides Valentine’s Day, which despite it being a completely commercial holiday, I still love it) is the fact that we’re going to get a weather warm up round these parts!


In the course of one week, it’s going to go from a high of 28 to a wopping high of 62.


Kansas, folks. You don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes.

Apart from that excitement, Shane and I actually got some big stuff done this weekend.

We chose our apartment (finally!) and we’ll be taking our application and down payment in there this evening.

We also chose our bedding and some bathroom stuff for the apartment, and put it on our registry.

The pattern we chose is called ‘Glass Block’, and I am obsessed with it!


The cool taupe, green, grey and blue is so calming and it’s exactly what I had envisioned for a master bedroom. We also registered for some amazing European sham pillows that I LOVE!

Can you tell I’m excited?

Then, on Sunday, we ventured out into the snow in search of some furniture. We didn’t find the type of couch or chairs we were looking for, but we did *shockingly) find a bed frame that both her and I fell in love with.

It’s called the Southport, and we found it at Haverty’s.


It comes in both distressed white,  and also a gorgeous distressed pine finish- seen above.

We chose pine, because we both wanted brown wood.

Plus, if you can tell in the bedding photo above, our BB and B bedding is going to look so gorgeous against the distressed pine finish!

I’m so pleased that Shane and I seem to be (at least on the big stuff) on the exact same page for our furniture- we really want an old-meets-new, refinished vibe and so the wood on that bed was perfect- and the detail in the frame is gorgeous.

One piece down, about 6 more to go!

Also exciting- over the weekend, I got a package….of water bottles!


Yes! I got a package of pink polycarbonate, ½ gallon water bottles and I am OBSESSED.


Do you guys even know how much of a hassle it was to try and drink a gallon of water a day in 16oz increments?

Do you? (And yes, that is The Walking Dead on the tv in the background)

These little beauties are going to make my life so much easier. Plus they’re pink.

Rock on.

Alright kiddos, the gym is calling my name- and then I have to get to that apartment before it closes for the day! I’m hoping to have a new workout for you all later on this week, so keep an eye out for that.

Have a great night!

It’s Just Magical

Howdy! How did everyone’s Monday go? Hopefully nice and smooth- I know Mondays always set the tone for the week, so it’s awfully nice when they go well!

*Spoiler Alert. So I didn’t get a chance to mention this earlier- but if any of you are Walking Dead fans like I am…HOW UPSET WERE YOU AFTER THE SHOW LAST NIGHT?! I was honestly horrified.

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Sorry for the all caps, guys. I’m too invested.

I also may have shed a tear. Or two.

There’s no shame in the zombie apocalypse.

(For those who don’t watch the show and want to see why Hershel was pretty much everything on TWD, watch the video below of his speech from earlier this season. So many feels.)


Okay– enough of all that!

As I mentioned earlier, I was super psyched about getting back into my normal routine today. After a fairly busy day at work (we’re on deadline this week) and some not-so-exciting meal choices (I had some lean brisket meat and veggies for both lunch and dinner, and a pretty “meh” egg sandwich for breakfast), I finally did something today worthy of sharing on here- hooray!


Today was leg day, so my workout tonight consisted of about 8 different leg/glute exercises, doing roughly 4 sets of each move at between 18 and 10 reps per set.

I also PR’d on the leg press tonight!  150 lbs. for 8 reps, close stance. Woo!

My strength workout took me about 45 minutes to get through, including abs, which brought with it another new-to-me move—> the Reverse Crunch. I gotta say, they weren’t my favorite. But hey, it still counts as a new exercise for today!

I followed it up with 30 minutes of the “Hill Climb” workout on the Arc trainer, and then another 15 minutes of HITT on the stair master.

I was jamming out to movie music during my workout today- most notably, to this masterpiece.  Boom.


Normally, I do cardio for 40-ish minutes after strength, but today I added my extra 5 minutes. So far, so good on my Holiday Health Challenge!

Funny Stuff

Alrighty, so while it might come as a surprise to some of you that I workout to music from movies, it probably shouldn’t. I’m sort of a huge nerd, and to be honest nothing quite pumps you up like a super hero music.

It’s just a fact.

Well, when I’m not jamming to monster movie soundtracks, you might catch me rocking out on the treadmill to one of my all time favorite musicals.

Les Miserables.  It’s been my favorite ever since I first saw it at neighborhood high school back when I was 9.

That’s a whopping 13 years. This is serious love.

Another indication of how much I love this show- every time it comes to town, I go. No questions asked. Also, when the movie came out, I definitely went to see it twice. In one day. Back to back. Like…I came out of one theatre with Shane and went straight into a new theatre with my parents. Yeah.

I promise there’s a point to all this.

Today, after deciding that a little over a week is just much too long to go without seeing the man I love, I decided to ask Shane if he wanted to meet me tomorrow for lunch. His response?

Now, in case you don’t know why this is the cutest, most awesome thing ever, please feel free to watch the video below and discover the cultural treasure that is Les Mis.

It’s just magical. 🙂

Cyber Monday on a Sunday

Hello again, and happy Sunday evening. My apologies for the delay in posting today- when we got back from KC I had to lay down for a little while due to the fact that I had a headache that was arguably the worst headache I’ve ever had in my life.


After that, I helped my mom and dad put up some of our Christmas decorations(!!!) which I love. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas over here! 

Now that my headache is mostly gone (thank the Lord) I wanted to stop by here again to give everyone a little update on some awesome online deals happening!

Are any of you super into the whole Black Friday thing? I am not…I would much rather not got trampled or pepper sprayed. There’s nothing that I want that bad. I do, however, get pretty amped up about “Cyber Monday”!

I’m a huge fan. Huge.

So imagine my joy today when I logged into my e-mail and found a whopping 125 e-mails in my inbox, all referencing online deals for tomorrow?


Anyway, some of my favorites from today included this spiffy e-mail:  <—-126 e-mails. My bad.

I love the Gap. I also love Banana Republic. And Piper Lime? Get outta town. This little gem made my day today, especially because this year my goal was to have all Christmas gift shopping completed before the 1st.

Obviously, that didn’t happen. But guess what- this girl can find something for everyone on her list just by shopping online at the places listed in this e-mail.


My other favorite from today was an e-mail from a magical place.

This online shopping haven is known as 6pm.com. Please, do yourself a favor and visit this website asap. Just check out the killer savings you can score over here. Guys. That’s a 53% savings. 53%. AND free shipping.

On everything.

Yeah. You’re welcome. 😉

So if you’ll excuse me, now that I’ve finished playing “blogger Santa” and sharing some pretty sweet deals with you guys, I’d say I earned a little extra Sunday night R&R.  I have quite a bit of magazine reading to catch up on before my shows start tonight.

I’m loving the plot twists this season on Once Upon a Time– they are extra twisty, which makes for a very addicted Meredith.

And of course, we can’t forget about my beloved The Walking Dead! Looks like there might be a rumble going down on tonight’s show…does anyone else watch? The Governor vs. Rick, round 2- I can’t wait!

Have a great night guys. I’ll be back tomorrow with a post about a very exciting Holiday challenge!

Sunday Fun day

Well, here we are again another weekend gone, another Monday morning looming ahead. I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! I got to see Hunger Games TWICE, so mine was golden. 🙂

So, if anyone read my post from Saturday night, then you saw my brand new food scale (!!!) which I am clearly very excited about! Well, I needed it for what is printed on this little piece of paper right here.


That, darluns, is the macro nutrient breakdown that my trainer created for me. It lists the amount of carbs, fats and protein that I need to eat per day to reach my specific goals. It is super snazzy, but requires a bit of work. (ie, weighing my protein and measuring out enough veggies, almonds and PB to last at least 3 days at a time).

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

I got this macro breakdown a month ago, but really haven’t gone all out and followed it the way I should have been. So for the next 2 weeks, I am going to attempt to follow this nutrition program to a “T” (along with the custom training program he created for me) and see what changes I can make. The entire program is actually 6 weeks long, but I did the first 4 weeks without following the macros. :/ Needles a to say, I am really excited to use my food scale and see what meal prep can really do for me!

Exhibit B (sorry for the blur!)

Exhibit B (sorry for the blur!)

SO- in light of me making a “fresh start” tomorrow, so to speak, I wanted to implement a little thing into the blog here that I learned from a favorite of mine, Monica – Sunday Setups.

It might be easier for me to just show you what Sunday Setups are, rather than explain it and THEN show you!

Sunday Setups

Monday- A.M.  fasted cardio/ P.M. legs, glutes and abs

Tuesday- A.M. fasted cardio/ P.M. chest and triceps

Wednesday- A.M. fasted cardio/ P.M. glutes and abs

Thursday- A.M. back, biceps and 40 min. cardio

Friday- (whenever there’s time) shoulders, calves and 35 min. HITT

Saturday- A.M. glutes, abs and 20 min. HITT

Sunday- rest

So that’all about do it for me this Sunday Setup- time to hang back and watch some Walking Dead 🙂 have a great night!