Let the Countdown Begin

Happy Friday! Do any of you guys have some exciting plans for the weekend? I can’t believe a whole week has flown by already? That’s just crazy talk.

You know what else is crazy talk? It’s officially only 3 months until the wedding day!

Yep- that’s right. Only about 91 days until I get to kiss this handsome man and become his wife!

_D3S8367 (* Tim Davis Photography)


Can you guys believe that, or what? It seems like just the other day I was talking about the wedding, and someone asked me when the big day was…and I said “Oh, not until the end of May.” And they gave me a look like “well that’s not too far off now” and I realized that it will legitimately be here before we know it!

Shane and I got the news this week that we’re officially approved for our apartment, and we’re good to go to begin the big move about mid-April- which is also super exciting news! We have a date at the furniture store tonight, so maybe we can start buckling down and finally pick some stuff out! I’m so excited I can’t even stand it…the possibilities are endless. 😉

In other news, my workouts this week have been stellar. Monday I had an Insanity date with Rachel, and then on Tuesday I succeeded in running 3 miles for the first time in probably years after I did some leg and arm training. Then Wednesday was a cross training day, so I lifted back and shoulders and then hopped on the treadmill for a long, high interval/high incline power walk. Yesterday was a running day again, and this time I made it 4 miles after about 30 minutes of ab work and a little superset leg and shoulder action.

Today, I have an appointment with the Stairmaster…and it’s looking like a long 5 mile run on Saturday. I’m loving adding running back into my plan! It’s truly one of the most gratifying forms of cardio for me.

I also have a few errands to run this afternoon- including to Ulta for a new curling wand and to Michael’s for some scrap booking materials. Then, this evening, we have an open house to attend, more furniture shopping and last but not least- Shane and I have plans to go see the Lego Movie! (YESSSSS!)

the_lego_movie_2014-wide (hahaha…little Lego Batman cracks me up)


Finally, we’ve legit tried 3 separate times to go and it’s been sold out every dang time. The solution is to hit the latest showing of it on a Friday night and hope most of the kiddies are in bed by then.

Wish us luck!

Have a fantastic Friday my sweet friends!

Question of the Day: Tomorrow is the very last home basketball game for the WSU Shockers and I am so excited to see them get to 31-0! Do any of you locals love the Shox as much as I do? Do any of you out-of-staters know anything about the Shockers?

Weekend Update

I bet you guys think I’m going to spam your innocent little blog-reading eyes with an update from last night’s Walking Dead mid-season premiere, huh.


Well you’d be wrong my friends! Wrong, for a number of reasons. The first being- hey, homie don’t play that “spoilers” game. And the second being I’m still not sure how I feel about it?

Don’t get me wrong- I love the show. It’s always good.

Even when it isn’t.

Mostly, I didn’t love the story lines they focused on in last night’s episode. I have a list of favorite characters, and you guys all know what happened to my number 1 at the end of the mid-season finale. (It’s still so fresh.)

But I have a list of other favorites, and not a single one was shown or even mentioned last night. I’m still stressed out because I don’t know what’s happened to any of them! All we got last night was a whiney Carl (surprise, surprise) and a Michonne mental collapse (big woop).

Okay- done complaining. Moving on!

Happy Monday! Is everyone ready to get back on track for this coming week?

I’ll tell you what, the one thing I’m probably most excited about this week (besides Valentine’s Day, which despite it being a completely commercial holiday, I still love it) is the fact that we’re going to get a weather warm up round these parts!


In the course of one week, it’s going to go from a high of 28 to a wopping high of 62.


Kansas, folks. You don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes.

Apart from that excitement, Shane and I actually got some big stuff done this weekend.

We chose our apartment (finally!) and we’ll be taking our application and down payment in there this evening.

We also chose our bedding and some bathroom stuff for the apartment, and put it on our registry.

The pattern we chose is called ‘Glass Block’, and I am obsessed with it!


The cool taupe, green, grey and blue is so calming and it’s exactly what I had envisioned for a master bedroom. We also registered for some amazing European sham pillows that I LOVE!

Can you tell I’m excited?

Then, on Sunday, we ventured out into the snow in search of some furniture. We didn’t find the type of couch or chairs we were looking for, but we did *shockingly) find a bed frame that both her and I fell in love with.

It’s called the Southport, and we found it at Haverty’s.


It comes in both distressed white,  and also a gorgeous distressed pine finish- seen above.

We chose pine, because we both wanted brown wood.

Plus, if you can tell in the bedding photo above, our BB and B bedding is going to look so gorgeous against the distressed pine finish!

I’m so pleased that Shane and I seem to be (at least on the big stuff) on the exact same page for our furniture- we really want an old-meets-new, refinished vibe and so the wood on that bed was perfect- and the detail in the frame is gorgeous.

One piece down, about 6 more to go!

Also exciting- over the weekend, I got a package….of water bottles!


Yes! I got a package of pink polycarbonate, ½ gallon water bottles and I am OBSESSED.


Do you guys even know how much of a hassle it was to try and drink a gallon of water a day in 16oz increments?

Do you? (And yes, that is The Walking Dead on the tv in the background)

These little beauties are going to make my life so much easier. Plus they’re pink.

Rock on.

Alright kiddos, the gym is calling my name- and then I have to get to that apartment before it closes for the day! I’m hoping to have a new workout for you all later on this week, so keep an eye out for that.

Have a great night!

We Did It

So, guess what Shane and I did on Thursday night.

If you guessed “sweat our faces off doing lots of squat jump variations” then hot dang, you’d be right on point. 😉


I literally took the above photo in the middle of doing leg swings. Surprisingly, it didn’t turn out nearly as blurry as I thought it might.

Unlike this one…


Which I took standing still during a water break.

My camera’s weird.

I tried to get Shane to pose for a sweaty post-plyo picture with me, but he wasn’t having any of that. So I posed for one by myself.

You can imagine it…can’t you?

P.S.- the workout top I wore is my new one from Christmas. It’s purple, and I love it. Target wins again! (Thanks Mom)


While I hate to cut out early on you guys, I’m going to have to do just that today. Shane and I are currently up in Kansas City for a little mini vacation. It’s our Christmas Gifts to each other, and we’re also be celebrating out 4 and 1/2 year anniversary.

We’re staying at a hotel on the Plaza, which I’m excited about. All the Plaza Lights are still up, so it still look a lot like this:


I grew up going to the plaza all the time with my mom and my Aunt Julie as a kid- she lives super close, so we’d always make time to shop around when we’d stay with her. Lots of wonderful memories!

PLUS Shane and I will get to see some family and friends while we’re up here, which is always a great thing.

Catch ya later guys- have an awesome Saturday!

A Sunday Setup and a Confession

Hello again! Long time no see- err..read. 🙂 How was everyone’s weekend? Hopefully they were stellar!

Mine was actually pretty low key, but I still feel like it flew by and I was constantly doing something…it was weird.

Friday after work, I hit the gym for a quick shoulders and calves circuit and finished up with 40 minutes on the stair master.

I’m telling you, that thing is efficient.

(Again, I almost posted a gym selfie here…but let’s face it, I’m just not ready.)

Speaking of workouts, and the awesome new kicks I have on in the gym-selfie-that-would-have-been, please- Check out these beauties.


I’m missing the pair of Asics running shoes that I have because…well, I’m not really sure where they are.

But still.

 These are in order from oldest to newest. Make no mistake, none of these are any older than 2 years. And the 2 newest pairs were bought approximately a month apart.

I might have a problem?


Saturday was spent getting organized and going shopping with my coworker for our white elephant Christmas gifts for our staff party this Wednesday.

We went to a super cute local store out in Andover called Pink Boa– both of us found some great stuff!

Also on Saturday, some very exciting things happened.

My parents and I finally decorated the tree! Woop!

 (Before- naked tree.)

And you can’t decorate a tree without a little holiday drink, right?

 (The tree is still naked.)

On a side note, I love our fireplace. Especially when its lit. 🙂

Aaaaaaand here it is! Completed tree, fire place-the works. It certainly feels nice and festive over here!




On Saturday night, Shane and I had a little get together with some friends to play some games and have a small gift exchange. His weekend TV show co-host was our hostess, and the party was a blast- as her parties always are!

We played Catch Phrase and Heads Up (SO fun, and its an app so its super easy to get! So go get it.) and one of our friends brought these adorable little cupcakes.

How cute are those?


On another side note, while I was getting ready on Saturday night a thought crossed my mind that since it is the Christmas season and all, maybe I’d share some of my favorite bath time products on here as sort of a “Bath Time Gift Guide” of sorts.

You’ll have to excuse the fact that there are only 2 items. My “bath time” ritual is limited.

Fitbiebride Bath Time Gift Guide

  • This Tree Hut Shea Shea Sugar Body Scrub. This stuff is amazing. I really love the Brazilian Nut scent (pictured below)- it smells like coffee beans and gives you that great “wake up, you’re rubbing freshly ground coffee beans on your legs” feeling that I know we all want first thing in the morning. 😉


I also really like the Mango scent. Rub a quarter sized amount on your legs, let it sit for 30 or so seconds and rinse off just before shaving your legs. This sugar scrub will make your skin feel so soft. It’s unreal.


  • Next up is this amazing Ahava Dead Sea Minerals gift set.  This stuff is awesome. My future mother-in-law bought it for me last Christmas and it lasts forever. It also smells wonderful and does truly miraculous things for skin, especially in the winter.  This gift set comes with body lotion, hand cream and foot cream. The lotion is super creamy and light, not greasy at all and has a wonderfully refreshing scent they call “Water”.

It’s a winner.


Alllrighty, since its Sunday night I figured I’d go ahead with a Sunday Setup for the week.

But first, I have a confession to make.

Truthfully, I’ve been feeling just sort of blah and really out of my element this past week. I feel like I slacked on my workouts, and because of that I also feel like I’ve slacked on my health challenge (oof). Not only that, but I also haven’t tried a new recipe yet. (double oooof).

So that being said, I just really want to start fresh and hit them all super hard this week.

The program that I’ve been doing has me doing workouts 6 days a week, so naturally my setup will have 6 days accounted for!

Monday– Legs/glutes/abs + cardio

Tuesday– Chest/triceps + cardio

Wednesday– 45 min. HITT on treadmill

Thursday– Back/biceps/abs + cardio

Friday– Shoulders/calves + cardio

Saturday- 20 min. HITT + 40 min. 10k training

Sunday– rest/yoga


Welp, that’ll about do it for me tonight folks! I have to get up early tomorrow and I was banking on hitting the gym in the a.m. so I can do a little Christmas shopping after work. 🙂

I also get to go on a very exciting interview for work tomorrow and I have a little more preparing to do for that- catch ya later!