A Little Goal Re-Evaluating

Well hello- thank goodness it’s Friday, right?!

I don’t know about you guys but this week has been busy, busy…and next week will be too. I have no idea when I’m going to get all my shopping done! I did some online (I bet you could have guessed that) but still have lots to do.

I can’t wait for Christmas (can you believe it’s only a week and a half away?) but man the season has just flown.

Anyway, I hope you all had a fantastic Friday! I know I did. I got the day started right with a delicious breakfast a la my desk.

PB and banana on a whole wheat bagel thin + a whole whopping lot of coffee. Delicious.

Work went by super quick today, possibly because it was such a busy day. We have a lot to get done between now and next Friday and I’ll tell ya what- I was feelin’ that today.

After work, I went straight to the gym. Today, I worked my shoulders and my calves (back on schedule!) and of course, couldn’t leave without giving a little love to the stair master!

Is it obvious how much I’m loving that machine? 😉

I felt sort of nerdy, because I decided to use my own 50 minute workout today…but I couldn’t remember it. Definitely had to look it up on my own phone.

Yep. That’d be a screen shot. (Totally jazzed about seeing my domain name on there though. That never gets old.)

After workout, it was time for dinner. No one over here was feeling like making anything, so we opted for carry out from our favorite local place- Cafe Maurice.


What you see there is a chicken kebab platter with hummus and a Greek side salad. Holy yum. They easily have the best hummus around. (For you Bella Luna fans out there…you know it’s true.)


Okay guys- it’s time for another moment of truth. I really want to strive to keep it real around here, so if I feel like I’m struggling with something-chances are you’re going to read about it on here. So here it is- let’s talk about that Holiday Health Challenge from a couple weeks ago.

As you might recall, I listed the parameters as being health and fitness related.


Just a refresher.

Now, you might also recall what I listed as being my own personal goals:



In the interest of keepin’ it real, I think it’s time to reevaluate some of these.

I’ve quickly come to realize that for me, some of these goals are simply not feasible. I totally warned against this in that post, and found myself falling victim to it anyway. Oooof.

As far as eating clean- that one is pretty doable. Trying a new recipe every week, however…not so much. I’ve discovered that the sound of cooking is generally either a) not appealing to me or b) I’m too busy/have too weird of a schedule to pull it off if I’m not anticipating it.

Now, I realize this isn’t going to fly here in about 5 months (whaaaaaat?) when I become a Mrs. 🙂 So I’ve decided to keep this goal, but to be more specific.

  • I will attempt to try a new recipe once a week, on Sunday nights.

As far as fitness goals, I’m pretty happy with how I’ve done adding 5 extra minutes on every week. I’m also feeling good about making fitness a true priority (not in my list, but was sort of an “add on”).

What I haven’t done a good job of doing is yoga on rest days and visiting new classes. The former has been a problem because I get to my rest days and I’m just beat. And yoga ain’t no joke- have any of you ever tried the P90X yoga? It’s a beast. (That being said- I’ll start trying harder to fit it in.)

With the latter, I’ve had some issues because the gym I currently belong to simply doesn’t offer many classes that I have access to due to my schedule. They have a boot camp I can make, a yoga I might be able to make and a spinning class on Saturdays. Now, I might still try and build these into my schedule for the last little bit of the challenge.

But what I was considering instead was incorporating one new/different fitness DVD a week. That way, I can add a little spice and variety to my regular workouts while also getting some good feedback for you guys on the workout review page.


Alright kiddos, I’m glad that’s all out in the open. I’m happy with my re-evaluation and I hope this post can inspire some of you to maybe re-evaluate and modify your own goals rather than just throwing in the towel all together!



Speaking of throwing in the towel… it’s time for this gal to hit the shower and get cleaned up for her hot “let’s stay in and watch a movie” date with her very sweet man.

Have a great Friday night guys!



A Sneaky Dessert Recipe

Happy, happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone’s day is off to a fantastic start! We’re currently on our way up to Kansas City to spend the holiday with our family, but I still have a couple things to share with you, pre-Thanksgiving meal.


Yesterday, I got out of work a little early and headed straight to the gym. I did a short back and biceps workout and followed it up with 25 minutes of walking at 4.0mph at an 8 incline and then my favorite stair master workout-shortened to 30 minutes + a 2 minute cool down. It was definitely solid. 🙂

This morning, I set my alarm for 5:45 and hit my own mini gym (ie- my set of dumbbells and my bosu ball) for a back/biceps/booty and abs circuit that ran me about 45 minutes.

Ya know, I’ve never been a big fan of deadlifts- but after my deadlift/weighted step up superset today I’m whistling a different tune. My legs were a-shakin when I headed back upstairs to shower!

Recipe Update

If any of you caught my post the other night about that awesome dinner recipe from Iowa Girl Eats , then you probably also caught that black bean brownie recipe I had been eyeing from this yummy blog.

Well, I finally got everything together I needed to make them last night! Doesn’t it look like I’m making regular old brownies?

IMG_20131127_183609_163…well, sort of. Have any of you guys ever had to make a flax egg before? No? Neither had I. (Just 1 T flax meal and 3 T water).

The secret ingredient! IMG_20131127_183623_394

I ran out of cocoa powder half way through the recipe. It called for 3/4 cup- I was left with only 2/4 cup. What to do, what to do…

IMG_20131127_184359_417Chop up some baking chocolate, of course! I used semi-sweet.

And then I added the SECOND secret ingredient…IMG_20131127_183647_859 PB- everything’s better with it. (I added about 1 teaspoon)

The recipe calls for raw sugar and coconut oil- I subbed regular cane sugar and regular old vegetable oil. Yes, I want a healthy brownie recipe that I can share…but let’s not get crazy. I already made the flax egg. I’ll only go so far.

I put all the ingredients into my blender and blended the batter up until it was smooth, thick but not too thick, and all beans were pulverized. Then I poured the batter into  lightly greased muffin tin.

IMG_20131127_192337_891 And into a 350 degree oven for 25 minutes they went. (After I took them out, they were still REALLY mushy in the center- I put them back in for another 7 minutes and that did the trick!)

Ta-da! IMG_20131127_193757_353IMG_20131127_193810_856

Honestly, these are pretty delicious. Super gooey on the inside, crunchy tops and sides – very fudgy and rich. Yum. In the interest of full disclosure, I will say that these don’t taste like “real” brownies. And why would they? There’s no flour, no egg, little oil and little sugar.

They are a great, delicious and healthy alternative to the real deal though, much lighter in calories and perfectly bite sized. Oh- and they pack a walloping 5g of protein.

Not bad for dessert. 😉

IMG_20131128_073343_694 I can’t wait to share these fellas today!