Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Good Thursday afternoon, all! How’s it shakin’?

Before we recap last night, something very exciting is happening!

Last month, Shane and I and a bunch of our friends entered the Doritos “Crash the Superbowl” contest with a commercial we like to call… Bold Moves. Well, guess what?

WE MADE THE SEMI-FINALS! We beat out 4,500 other entires from around the world to make it to the top 24! So if you get a chance, please please pleeeease go to the link and vote! Rate us a 5, and we could win 1,000,000 dollars! (Ours is the thumbnail with the guy wearing a Speedo…made of Doritos. 😉 )

Thank you!


Last night, mom, dad and I trekked out in the bitter cold to find ourselves a Christmas tree.

My whole life, we’ve been been a “real tree” family- pine needles, tree sap, freezing Christmas tree lots, the whole bit. Although, I’m sorry, but there’s just nothing that compares to the amazing pine tree smell that you can only get from the real deal.

 It’s the scent of Christmas!

Besides the amazing smell, we’ve always gotten real trees as part of helping out our community. My dad volunteered for the Wichita YMCA Christmas Tree Lot for 25 years, and I think it holds a special place in his heart.

And mine too, to be honest.

So where did we find ourselves at 5:30 last night?

That’s right! The YMCA lot we normally go to wasn’t there this year, so we had to do a little research to find another Y lot nearby.

Dad went out ahead of mom and I a few minutes early to do some “advance scouting”- we found him having a few laughs with the lots volunteers. He had three trees picked out- al of which were quickly shot down (too tall, too fat at the bottom and too short).

Things were looking pretty grim (and very cold), until my dad pulled one more tree out from underneath the pile- and that was it!

 (<—those volunteer roots run deep)

 (<—- he was so excited)

Done and done. 🙂


In other, less exciting news- I ended up going back into work last night to get some things straightened out for deadline, and to help my co-worker with our very special Christmas gift to our boss. (It turned out awesome, but took some time to get coordinated!)

Long story short, I didn’t end up hitting the gym yesterday.

In the end, I really wasn’t feeling it- and I think that’s okay. I did plan on getting up and getting a workout in this morning, but that didn’t happen either. I think I needed sleep- I snoozed through my alarm for a whopping hour and a half.


 So, I’ll be taking my rest days in the middle of the week this week! I won’t go today (we have our annual Christmas party for our client’s tonight) so I’m chalking yesterday and today up to rest/off days and will get “back on track” tomorrow!

In the past, I would have beaten myself up endlessly for missing two workouts in a row. OR I would’ve shifted into “eat everything you can because you’ve already skipped your workout anyway” mode and made some really unhealthy decisions.

 I’m not doing either of those things today. 🙂

Instead, I’m going to enjoy this extra “rest” day, have fun tonight at our party (we have awesome clients), have a few bites of some of the more exciting holiday treats (as per my 6 Tips)- and call it a night.

I always look forward to “fresh starts”– looks like tomorrow will be one of them!


Here’s what my “week in workouts” will look like now:

Monday– Legs/Gluts + 45 min. cardio

Tuesday– Chest/Legs + Cardio circuit

Wednesday– Rest (work/wasn’t feeling it)

Thursday– Rest (work party until 8:00pm)

Friday– A.M. 30 minutes cardio, P.M. Shoulders/ Calves + 45 minutes cardio

Saturday– Back/Biceps + 60 minutes cardio

Sunday– yoga + 35 minutes cardio

I usually do Back/Biceps on Thursday (not this week!) and I missed some extra HITT cardio Wednesday, so I’ll add them back in accordingly. Sundays are usually rest days anyway, and Saturday this week only called for 40 minutes of cardio anyway.


Plus, I’ll get to start breaking these bad boys in tomorrow!

These things are light as a feather, totally cushioned (they have memory foam in them- how cool is that!?) AND I got them for that killer Cyber Monday price.

6pm, you’ve done it again!

Cyber Monday on a Sunday

Hello again, and happy Sunday evening. My apologies for the delay in posting today- when we got back from KC I had to lay down for a little while due to the fact that I had a headache that was arguably the worst headache I’ve ever had in my life.


After that, I helped my mom and dad put up some of our Christmas decorations(!!!) which I love. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas over here! 

Now that my headache is mostly gone (thank the Lord) I wanted to stop by here again to give everyone a little update on some awesome online deals happening!

Are any of you super into the whole Black Friday thing? I am not…I would much rather not got trampled or pepper sprayed. There’s nothing that I want that bad. I do, however, get pretty amped up about “Cyber Monday”!

I’m a huge fan. Huge.

So imagine my joy today when I logged into my e-mail and found a whopping 125 e-mails in my inbox, all referencing online deals for tomorrow?


Anyway, some of my favorites from today included this spiffy e-mail:  <—-126 e-mails. My bad.

I love the Gap. I also love Banana Republic. And Piper Lime? Get outta town. This little gem made my day today, especially because this year my goal was to have all Christmas gift shopping completed before the 1st.

Obviously, that didn’t happen. But guess what- this girl can find something for everyone on her list just by shopping online at the places listed in this e-mail.


My other favorite from today was an e-mail from a magical place.

This online shopping haven is known as Please, do yourself a favor and visit this website asap. Just check out the killer savings you can score over here. Guys. That’s a 53% savings. 53%. AND free shipping.

On everything.

Yeah. You’re welcome. 😉

So if you’ll excuse me, now that I’ve finished playing “blogger Santa” and sharing some pretty sweet deals with you guys, I’d say I earned a little extra Sunday night R&R.  I have quite a bit of magazine reading to catch up on before my shows start tonight.

I’m loving the plot twists this season on Once Upon a Time– they are extra twisty, which makes for a very addicted Meredith.

And of course, we can’t forget about my beloved The Walking Dead! Looks like there might be a rumble going down on tonight’s show…does anyone else watch? The Governor vs. Rick, round 2- I can’t wait!

Have a great night guys. I’ll be back tomorrow with a post about a very exciting Holiday challenge!