My First Wedding Present

*The Workouts and the Wedding page were updated today!

Before I get to anything truly “blog” related, I feel like I need to share something with you guys…

I have pretty awesome friends. And I have a lot of them. They’re all gorgeous, brilliant, loving, supportive people- and they are giant blessings to me.

I got to see one of these giant blessings today for lunch! It was a huge treat to get to see Amanda (my maid of honor) and her mom today for an early lunch. They live in KC, but were down here visiting Amanda’s grandpa.


Isn’t she pretty? (This is a recycled photo from our trip to Chicago earlier this fall.)

It was great to see her (I hadn’t seen her in 2 months), and we shared a delicious lunch at the country club that my parent’s belong to. I had a wonderful chicken salad sandwich on sourdough raisin bread with the best sweet potato fries ever.


After lunch, before I headed back to work, Amanda said she had a special present for me. She said she had meant to give it to me at a shower, but since she had it already and was seeing me today- she didn’t want to wait.

It turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous bracelet from Kate Spade specifically meant for brides.


Around the outside, cute sayings like “Kiss the Bride” and “Cue the Confetti” are engraved into the bracelet.


On the inside, there’s an engraving that says “Happily Ever After”. It’s absolutely beautiful, and also exciting. Know why?

It’s technically my very first wedding present. 🙂

I love it. (Thank you again, Amanda! <–I know she actually reads my ramblings 😉 )


Okay- so last night was pretty much your standard Monday night gym session.

I did shoulders and core, then tagged on 45 minutes of stair master afterwards that looked an awful lot like this– while watching some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Those women are nuts.

Once I hopped off the oh-so-tall stair master machine, I came face to face with this fella:


You probably can’t read what that says. Well, I’ll tell ya. It says…

“You’ll have to rearrange all of your workouts for next week and the week after cause of Holidays and blah blah blah…”

Yep. Closed early on Christmas Eve, Closed early New Year’s eve, closed on Christmas day (which I’m 100% okay with. Christmas is Christmas.) and closed New Year’s day- with some other days with odd hours mixed in there too.

I’m all for taking holidays off. I am. But those are the days when I have twice as much time to get my workout in, and I like to have options. I’d be totally cool if there were no employees there- I’m cool with brining my own towel! And water bottle. And not having the TVs on or the ceiling fans going.

I might be a little spoiled at my gym.

Oh well- workout DVDs it shall be then.


Alrighty then folks- on that note, it’s going to be a busy couple days from here on out, so I’m gonna head over to the gym and get my leg workout in for the week! I also have a new workout coming your way, and a pretty cool informative post for tomorrow.

Catch ya later 🙂

Holiday Health Challenge

Good Monday morning, all! Is anyone else super pumped to be back into a normal routine today? Don’t get me wrong, I really love having long weekends and spending extra quality time with family- but I am a gal who loves a solid routine.

After 3 or 4 days of relaxing, indulgent food, wine, wedding dancing and 3 days off from the gym- let’s just say I am more than ready to hit the gym today after work! Plus its leg day- YESl

Anyways, enough about me- On to the good stuff!

Alrighty, for those of you who caught my post last night, you probably saw that I mentioned an upcoming holiday challenge. Well, here she is:

The 30 Day Holiday Health Challenge is something I came up with over the weekend. Everyone always talks about making New Year’s resolutions. Likewise, everyone tends to wait until New Year’s to make them.  Not only that, but the statistics are pretty discouraging. 35% of people who make New Year’s resolutions break them.

Unfortunately, I can say that I am definitely one of them. I don’t know what it is, but I never fail to break my resolutions, and it usually doesn’t take me too long to do it.

Well, not this year friends! This year, I’m taking the initiative to insert all of my “New Year’s resolutions” into my lifestyle before the New Year.

By doing it this way, I’m hoping that by the time January 1st rolls around, everything I want to incorporate into doing next year will already feel like a habit- or at the very least, I’ll have bettered myself in some way! It’s a win/win.

Here’s how the challenge works:

  • There are 2 components- healthy eating and exercise ( you can choose to do one or the other, or both!)
  • The challenge is 30 days long, and begins todayDecember 2nd. It ends on December 31st.
  • For the fitness component, you can choose from really any fitness related goals- incorporate a new style of training into your routine, try a new-to-you exercise/move every day, try a new fitness class once a week, join a boot camp, start strength training, add 5 extra minutes to your workout every week, ect. The possibilities are endless! Or, deam each day of the week a specific training day for a given muscle group/cardio exercise and stick with that for the 30 days. Whatever you choose, just make sure it’s something you can sustain for a month!
  • For the healthy eating component, it’s super versatile as well- something like trying a new healthy recipe once a week, introducing a new-to-you healthy food every day, trying “clean eating”, cutting back on soda/coffee, trying to eat less processed food, ect. Again, lots of possibilities here!

The focus of this challenge isn’t to lose weight or “get in shape”, even though those will likely be some of the perky byproducts of introducing some of these other New Year’s worthy healthy habits into your life. 😉

Instead, the focus is on health (hence the challenge name) and trying to find a fun way of beating the New Year’s resolution curse- all while trying out some new exercises or finding a great way to “healthify” your favorite holiday treat in the process!

Here are my personal Holiday Health Challenge goals:


  • add an extra 5 minutes onto my workouts every week
  • try at least one new fitness class
  • incorporate yoga or pilates into my rest days on Sundays


  • “eat clean” 6 days a week
  • try one new healthy recipe a week

Of course, I’ll be reporting everything back here on the ol’ blog. Half the battle is accountability, and I’m very lucky to have this little sounding board here to help with that. 🙂

If you want to take part in the Holiday Health Challenge (and the possibility for giveaways and prizes!) feel free to leave a comment and let me know, or follow the blog for posts and updates!