Another Challenge

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. day! Did anyone have the day off from school or work today? It’s our busiest week of the month, so no such luck over here.

However, it’s also just a regular Monday! Are you guys ready and excited to start the new week off strong?

Just a warning- I won’t be able to post a whole lot this week. It’s our “production” week at work, and we’re trying to get the February issue of the magazine out. This means there will be some longer nights working, and if I want to fit in my workouts- which, ya know..I do- I’ll have to forgo blogging as often.

Before all that happens, I have a couple things to share with you all! Such as this magical purchase I made yesterday at The Fresh Market.


What you see above is an amalgamation of random “health” related food items- which are all bought in preparation for something rather exciting that’s starting up around here this week.

Chia Seeds.


Some delicious (or not so delicious) Kombucha.


I really love the Synergy one with chia seeds in it- the raspberry flavor is out of this world, and I personally really like Chia seeds in my water. The Organic Raw stuff on the other side, however, is a different story. While its choc full of good for me probiotics and other “living organisms” (no joke- it says that on the bottle) I don’t enjoy the taste and really only drink it for the purported health benefits.

However, I also bought something there that I really, really enjoy the taste of…


Some fresh ground Vanilla Maple coffee! Holy yum, this stuff is amazing. As if it weren’t enough that it’s fresh ground beans (which automatically make coffee taste better) the flavor itself is killer. Everyone at work kept saying it smelled like pancakes in my office today. It was the coffee- go figure.


I wish you guys could smell this through the screen. To. Die. For. Plus, this coffee here was ground fresh by my dad. He was pretty excited to try out the do-it-yourself coffee grinders at the market, and I have to admit he did a pretty great job.

Thanks for the dee-lish coffee, Pops!


Also, a side note- in case any of your were wondering, Percy Jackson was a major disappointment. No sea monsters at all.

I’m still a little upset.

No matter, however, because I have found several things to take it off my mind!

Like a self-motivated workout challenge, wherein I have to give Shane a dollar for every workout I miss or skip over the course of the next 4 weeks.

Each week, I tell him my workout total (goal), and at the end of the week if I haven’t reached that goal in the 7 days I’m given then I owe him a dollar for each missed workout.

Ooof. I may have over shot with my first number. Let’s just say I may end up pulling some unintended 2-a-days.

I’m also feeling pretty excited about this other idea I had for a challenge…this one focused on nutrition.

eat clean challenge

That’s right! I’ve decided to formulate a 4 week challenge for eating clean to go along with my no missed workouts challenge. I’m really excited about this one, mostly because I know as well as anyone that “abs are made in the kitchen”.

I’ve always been better about getting my workouts in then being a stickler about my diet. I might do really well for about a week or two, but I’ll inevitably break and start eating normally because I’m “working it off” in the gym. Well, if anybody else out there thinks like this, I’m sorry to tell you but that just ain’t gonna cut it.

Trust me. I’ve lived it for 7 years.

I’ve finally come to the conclusion that if I’m going to put a ton of work in during the day in terms of workouts and burning extra calories, then I really want to clean up my diet and feed my body the fuel it really needs. So, I’ve decided to “eat clean” for the next 4 weeks and see what kind of impact that has on my fitness goals and my workouts.

I’ll be tracking my food a lot more closely, so you’ll probably be seeing more “food photos” showing up here. It’s just as much to hold myself accountable as it is to show you the types of clean eating foods and recipes I’ll be trying out.

I’m feeling really excited about it, and am very pleased with everything I’ve put in my body so far today!

Breakfast- an egg. Just one “fried” egg (I cooked it in a skillet with some Pam, probably not “clean” enough).

Lunch- pb and banana protein shake.

Dinner- a piece of baked Tilapia with some seasoning and some broccoli.


Not bad for day one, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

If anyone would like to join the challenge, please do so! I’ll be posting updates about it as it goes, so feel free to track progress and note changes over the next 4 weeks and update when I do! I’d love to hear if this works for anyone else.

Alrighty kiddos, time for me to get my workout in for the day- a little kick boxing is always a good stress reliever!

Have a wonderful night ๐Ÿ™‚

A Little Goal Re-Evaluating

Well hello- thank goodness it’s Friday, right?!

I don’t know about you guys but this week has been busy, busy…and next week will be too. I have no idea when I’m going to get all my shopping done! I did some online (I bet you could have guessed that) but still have lots to do.

I can’t wait for Christmas (can you believe it’s only a week and a half away?) but man the season has just flown.

Anyway, I hope you all had a fantastic Friday! I know I did. I got the day started right with a delicious breakfast a la my desk.

PB and banana on a whole wheat bagel thin + a whole whopping lot of coffee. Delicious.

Work went by super quick today, possibly because it was such a busy day. We have a lot to get done between now and next Friday and I’ll tell ya what- I was feelin’ that today.

After work, I went straight to the gym. Today, I worked my shoulders and my calves (back on schedule!) and of course, couldn’t leave without giving a little love to the stair master!

Is it obvious how much I’m loving that machine? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I felt sort of nerdy, because I decided to use my own 50 minute workout today…but I couldn’t remember it. Definitely had to look it up on my own phone.

Yep. That’d be a screen shot. (Totally jazzed about seeing my domain name on there though. That never gets old.)

After workout, it was time for dinner. No one over here was feeling like making anything, so we opted for carry out from our favorite local place- Cafe Maurice.


What you see there is a chicken kebab platter with hummus and a Greek side salad. Holy yum. They easily have the best hummus around. (For you Bella Luna fans out there…you know it’s true.)


Okay guys- it’s time for another moment of truth. I really want to strive to keep it real around here, so if I feel like I’m struggling with something-chances are you’re going to read about it on here. So here it is- let’s talk about thatย Holiday Health Challengeย from a couple weeks ago.

As you might recall, I listed the parameters as being health and fitness related.


Just a refresher.

Now, you might also recall what I listed as being my own personal goals:



In the interest of keepin’ it real, I think it’s time to reevaluate some of these.

I’ve quickly come to realize that for me, some of these goals are simply not feasible. I totally warned against this in that post, and found myself falling victim to it anyway. Oooof.

As far as eating clean- that one is pretty doable. Trying a new recipe every week, however…not so much. I’ve discovered that the sound of cooking is generally either a) not appealing to me or b) I’m too busy/have too weird of a schedule to pull it off if I’m not anticipating it.

Now, I realize this isn’t going to fly here in about 5 months (whaaaaaat?) when I become a Mrs. ๐Ÿ™‚ So I’ve decided to keep this goal, but to be more specific.

  • I will attempt to try a new recipe once a week, on Sunday nights.

As far as fitness goals, I’m pretty happy with how I’ve done adding 5 extra minutes on every week. I’m also feeling good about making fitness a true priority (not in my list, but was sort of an “add on”).

What I haven’t done a good job of doing is yoga on rest days and visiting new classes. The former has been a problem because I get to my rest days and I’m just beat. And yoga ain’t no joke- have any of you ever tried the P90X yoga? It’s a beast. (That being said- I’ll start trying harder to fit it in.)

With the latter, I’ve had some issues because the gym I currently belong to simply doesn’t offer many classes that I have access to due to my schedule. They have a boot camp I can make, a yoga I might be able to make and a spinning class on Saturdays. Now, I might still try and build these into my schedule for the last little bit of the challenge.

But what I was considering instead was incorporating one new/different fitness DVD a week. That way, I can add a little spice and variety to my regular workouts while also getting some good feedback for you guys on the workout review page.


Alright kiddos, I’m glad that’s all out in the open. I’m happy with my re-evaluation and I hope this post can inspire some of you to maybe re-evaluate and modify your own goals rather than just throwing in the towel all together!



Speaking of throwing in the towel… it’s time for this gal to hit the shower and get cleaned up for her hot “let’s stay in and watch a movie” date with her very sweet man.

Have a great Friday night guys!