Cyber Monday on a Sunday

Hello again, and happy Sunday evening. My apologies for the delay in posting today- when we got back from KC I had to lay down for a little while due to the fact that I had a headache that was arguably the worst headache I’ve ever had in my life.


After that, I helped my mom and dad put up some of our Christmas decorations(!!!) which I love. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas over here! 

Now that my headache is mostly gone (thank the Lord) I wanted to stop by here again to give everyone a little update on some awesome online deals happening!

Are any of you super into the whole Black Friday thing? I am not…I would much rather not got trampled or pepper sprayed. There’s nothing that I want that bad. I do, however, get pretty amped up about “Cyber Monday”!

I’m a huge fan. Huge.

So imagine my joy today when I logged into my e-mail and found a whopping 125 e-mails in my inbox, all referencing online deals for tomorrow?


Anyway, some of my favorites from today included this spiffy e-mail:  <—-126 e-mails. My bad.

I love the Gap. I also love Banana Republic. And Piper Lime? Get outta town. This little gem made my day today, especially because this year my goal was to have all Christmas gift shopping completed before the 1st.

Obviously, that didn’t happen. But guess what- this girl can find something for everyone on her list just by shopping online at the places listed in this e-mail.


My other favorite from today was an e-mail from a magical place.

This online shopping haven is known as Please, do yourself a favor and visit this website asap. Just check out the killer savings you can score over here. Guys. That’s a 53% savings. 53%. AND free shipping.

On everything.

Yeah. You’re welcome. 😉

So if you’ll excuse me, now that I’ve finished playing “blogger Santa” and sharing some pretty sweet deals with you guys, I’d say I earned a little extra Sunday night R&R.  I have quite a bit of magazine reading to catch up on before my shows start tonight.

I’m loving the plot twists this season on Once Upon a Time– they are extra twisty, which makes for a very addicted Meredith.

And of course, we can’t forget about my beloved The Walking Dead! Looks like there might be a rumble going down on tonight’s show…does anyone else watch? The Governor vs. Rick, round 2- I can’t wait!

Have a great night guys. I’ll be back tomorrow with a post about a very exciting Holiday challenge!

Things I’m Loving Friday (Thanksgiving edition )

Well good morning! How did everyone’s Thanksgiving go? I hope it was wonderful! Mine was pretty fantastic myself. I’ll have to give you the run down of all the yummy eats later this weekend- there’s so much stuff going on today and tomorrow that I might not have time until late tonight or even Sunday to put that together!

For today, I wanted to try out a new type of post that I first saw reading over at Julie’s blog. Its a bit of tangent filled post, but for Thanksgiving I thought it was perfect. So here it is, my first ever rendition of “Things I’m Loving Friday”, Thanksgiving edition!

Things I’m Thankful For

  • My fiancé, Shane. IMG_20130101_172615Seriously, how handsome is he? He’s also hilarious, talented, generous, loving- and hands down the kindest man I have ever known.  I am a very lucky lady. Plus, he knows a great photo opp when he sees it.  He’s my best friend, and a huge blessing.
  • My family. I have an incredible, amazing family. Wonderful parents, an awesome big brother, amazing aunts and uncles and cousins that I am so close with, and grandparents whose love story is the best I’ve ever heard.
  • My friends. I have some incredible, stellar friends. Some are old, some are new- all are perfect. (Eh hem…especially the ones who read my blog and text me about recipes I’ve posted 😉 I’m loving that!)
  • My job. Oh man, am I ever thankful for my job. I firmly believe I have one of the best, most enjoyable, “is this really my job” kind of jobs out there. It is such a blessing to me, and I get to go to then office every day and work with people I love, and I am learning so much.
  • Today especially, I am thankful for having help with wedding plans. Weddings are a bear to plan my friends. A bear. But if you have awesome help (thanks mom, especially) it doesn’t have to be so bad. Besides, every last bit of work is so, so worth it!

Things I’m Loving

  • Our Save the Date cards! Screenshot_2013-11-28-07-52-43-1Photo credit goes to Tim Davis. He is wonderful. (And for more info on who made the cards, visit the Wedding page!)
  • The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap – this is something I have dreamed about ever since I first started reading Courtney’s blog back in summer of 2012. I was really looking forward to being able to join in this holiday season, but when I checked the website I found that a- I missed the registration deadline, and b- I don’t qualify anyway. Bummer! BUT I did officially register for next year, so I am loving that! blogger cookie swap sign up
  • My sleep sounds app, Relax Melodies. I LOVE this thing. I uae it every night. You can choose from tons of sounds, customize favorites and set it on a timer so it fadea out slowly after the times up. 2 thumbs way up. sleep appAWESOME.
  • My wedding dress! I have a fitting tomorrow morning and I just can’t quit looking at my dress. There’s been some work done on it already, and it just keeps getting closer and closer to looking like that dream dress! It’s really pretty magical.
  • DUNKIN DONUTS. YES. I am always loving some DD, but we don’t have one back home so whenever I come to KC I HAVE to get some! IMG_20131129_144533_298 This precious gem is a large caramel coffee with some cream. So delicious. IMG_20131129_144544_361 Yes Dunkin, you DO bring joy!
  • I am loving, loving the tv show The Walking Dead. It’s totally my jam. If you don’t already watch it, start. Now. But first you’ll need to watch the first 3 seasons before Sunday at 8. 😉
  • I am also loving this mercury glass candle votive with a “K” monogram that I got from Pottery Barn. IMG_20131129_160233_432It’s my very first item with my future last name’s inital- how exciting is that!

And I wouldn’t have any of these things without God seeing fit to bless me with them, so above all else I am loving and am thankful for Him and His grace.

Alright that’s it for me! Happy Black Friday/ Thanksgiving weekend continued- have a great rest of your Friday, do some great shopping, and eat some awesome leftovers! 😉