The Ultimate Monster Cookie (Possibly)

Happy Sunday! How has everyone’s weekend treated them so far? Good?


Things around here were pretty busy yesterday. What with all the wrapping, baking and hurrying to complete errands before the ice and snow started falling down. By the way- does it not just look gorgeous out there? I’m really no fan of the snow, but when it looks as festive as it does outside right now- even I can’t complain!

So yesterday, I challenged everyone to see if they could guess where my super clever post title came from. Well guess what? Somebody guessed right!



Yep, tha’s right- Amanda could always read my mind when we lived together in college- looks like some things never change!


Another “as seen in yesterday’s post” element, I did some special Christmas baking yesterday afternoon…which resulted in these gems.


Yes, finally! After a little over 6 months I pulled out my favorite cookie recipe and decided to make them again for some folks at work and our family Christmas.

The technical name for these bad boys are Monster Cookies, but that simply doesn’t do them justice. They are “Amazing Monster Cookies”- and I humbly refer to them as my specialty. 😉 It isn’t just me, though- my family often refers to these as “Meredith’s cookies”.

They have quite the fan base.

This recipe is a must try!

What you’ll need for these Amazing Monster Cookies:

– 1 cup Crisco

-3/4 cup granulated sugar

-3/4 cup brown sugar

-2 eggs

-2 teaspoons vanilla

-2 cups flour

-1 teaspoon salt

-1 teaspoon baking soda

-2 cups quick oats

-1 cup chocolate chips, semi-sweet

-1 cup butterscotch or peanut butter chips

-festive M&Ms (whatever fits the season or occasion- for these, red and green!)

Directions- A La my stellar severly lacking photo skills:

After preheating the oven to 350 degrees, cream your crisco and suagrs together with your ghetto hand mixer, then add your eggs and vanilla and beat.




Slowly add in your dry mixture to the wet mixture, beating everything together as you go. (It takes me 4 “rounds” of pouring in my dry ingredients and mixing everything together until I finish.)


When this step is successfully completed, the dough should be lighter in color, smooth and not very sticky.


Then (and here comes the good stuff), add in your oats. The original recipe I have for these calls for the oats to be beat in with a mixer, but I prefer to use my big wooden spoons to just stir it all in because I love the texture the whole oats give the cookies.


Also, as a side note- can we talk for a second about how massive this container of oats is? Like…yowza. That is a huge thing of oats.


Easily 3 times the size of your average oats container. Who-ah. (<—that’s for you, Shane. 😉 )

Anyhoo, after you beat or stir in your oats, it’s time to add the best parts- add in your chocolate chips and butterscotch chips! Stirring these bad boys in gives quite the arm and shoulder workout, by the way.

After these steps are cmplete, guess what? You have beautiful monster cookie dough that should look like this:


Drop by rounded however-size-spoon-you-like-your-cookies-to-be (Tablespoon is cool. So is serving spoon.) onto an ungreased cookie sheet. Then, take your festive M&Ms and put a couple (usually 2 is good, otherwise all of the yummy mix ins in the cookie will cause the dough to split and not hold together during baking) into each delicious ball of dough– and wallah!


You’re ready to make some serious cookie magic.

Put the cookies into the pre-heated oven for about 10-12 minutes- 10 for gooier, less done and 12 for “well done”.

(Remember, the cookies will continue to bake a little when you pull them out of the oven and they’re cooling- so if you think they look about done but not quite- go ahead and take them out. The bottoms might get too done otherwise!)

When all is said and done, you’ll have around 2 to 2 and 1/2 dozen cookies (depending on your “spoon size”) of really yummy monster cookies that will definitely be a crowd pleaser. I know mine always are!


And hey, if you wanna claim this recipe as your own, I get it. Just don’t forget to let me know how your cookies go over!

Losing 2 Whole Days

Well hi there! Points to whoever can guess what inspired that title post. 😉 It seems like its been quite a while since I last stopped in to chat. 2 whole days with no post? Yeesh. It seems longer! There was a lot going on with work this week- we were on deadline for the Magazine.

Deadline didn’t mean that there was no Christmas fun to be had around then office, though! There was plenty of gift giving, white elephant exchanges and other goodies to be had. Some solid workouts were thrown in as well, along with a renewed 2014 goal.

So let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?


Earlier in the week, the wonderful and talented ladies that design our magazine put together and gifted us some pretty awesome gift baskets.



The little basket is super cute, and it was positively loaded with goodies!

A Starbucks Caramel iced coffee Via, plenty of candy treats (some super unique ones that I would have sworn no one else liked as much as I do!) and the best part- that gorgeous Starbucks gift card!

Did anyone else know that you can register your Starbucks gift cards and have them on your phone? You can reload them, get free coffees and get all sorts of other cool perks? The gift that keeps on giving!

There was also a delicious packet of Land o Lakes hot cocoa in there that I promptly tore into and shared with my mamma.


And that little candy you see there? That, my friends, is a mini Toberlone. YES- the very same candy we all came to know and love through FRIENDS. (Ya know, the episode where Joey wants the Toberlone from Ross’s girlfriend/fiance/wife/British lady, Emily?)


Yes, normally they are quite a bit larger. (Understatement?)  But this little baby was just perfect for me while sipping on some of that cocoa. YUM.

(I don’t know if any of these fine ladies read the blog, but if they do—-Thank you again for the wonderful treats, girls!)


Alright, this goody basket wasn’t the only awesome gift I received this week! No, no…there was much fun to be had still.

On Monday, my coworker had a very fun gift for me. Check this out:



Isn’t that so cute? I thought it was hilarious. Because it’s true. My boss, my coworker and I go through coffee like it’s our job. Holy smokes, it’s insane.



Case in point- this very giant large black coffee that was absolutely necessary yesterday morning after our week on deadline. (I just love that sign- it speaks so much truth.)

She also had a wonderful book for me from author/mega-preacher/ motivational speaker Joel Osteen. It made for a wonderful gift and I love all of it! (Thank you so much, again! 😉 )

Yesterday, we had our staff/contractor Christmas get together. We all met for lunch at a local Mediterranean restaurant called Adrian’s for some good food and good company. We also had a “White Elephant” gift exchange that wasn’t really white elephant at all- all of the gifts were top notch!

I ended up snagging this gorgeous bottle of Moscato from one of our photographers. Does he have great taste in wine or what?



Moscato happens to be Shane’s favorite type of wine, so of course I took this with me last night when I went over to his house. We each tried a glass, and it was simply delicious.




And it’s from Italy? No Barefoot or Yellowtail for us, no siree! (Let me just say that I actually adore Yellowtail, but my inner wine snob was very excited to have this pretty bottle to open up!)

It was a great get together, all in all. 🙂


Today, my dad had the job of Santa and delivered some gifts around to some of our family friends. When he returned home, he had some gifts in hand in return!

One of our good family friends always gives us the best home baked cookies and delicious Baklava- which she delivered beautifully on this year as well. However, there were some other things in the bag this year that had me super excited:



She got my mom and I both the gift of fitness! We have 12 Jazzercise classes that we can attend for free this winter- and I am super pumped!



While I’m totally into my strength training and stair mastering right now, you can never go wrong with trying out some new exercises classes. I danced for 14 years (from when I was 3 until I was a Junior in high school) and dancing is in my blood. I’ve always been a Zumba fan (despite the fact that I don’t feel like it gives me quite the burn other classes do), so Jazzercise is right up my alley. It will be a great addition to my current program!

I’m loving all of these thoughtful, hilarious and exciting gifts so far this season! Have you guys gotten any exciting gifts yet?



I can’t remember if I mentioned this already or not- but Tuesday’s workout was a 30 minute leg session and a 40 minute stair master workout.

Wednesday was a rest day.

Thursday was an “A.M. Fat Burner” workout from my old pal, Mike.

Friday was a 40 minute back/triceps/biceps workout and a 35 minute cardio session on the stair master.

Today (…here in a little bit, as soon as I get off the computer) is a P90X workout of my choice. So that has yet to be decided! I’m leaning towards either Kenpo or Cardio x…but I’ll be sure to let you guys know!


Alrighty then, I have a bunch of stuff to get done today! It’s supposed to get really icey and snowy (probably right as this is posting, since it’s a sneaky scheduled post 😉 ) and so I’m anticipating being slightly snowed in today.

I really, really hate ice. And snow. Mostly because it keeps from doing things I want/need to do (like having lunch with friends and cuddling with my fiance), but also because it’s just such a hassle.


I have some Christmas gift wrapping, some organizing, meal prepping for next week, workout scheduling for next week- and, some very special Christmas baking to do!

Know what that means?

YES– I’ll have a brand new recipe for you, coming up tomorrow! Can you just feel the excitement?