It’s a Thing

Let me tell you guys something.

I remember some time ago, in the not so distant past, when getting up at 6:30 felt like it was the earliest, most horrifying hour of the morning. 7:00am- piece of cake. But 6:30?


Fast forward to now- and getting up at 6:30 on a week day throws me for a loop. Often times, if I skip my first alarm and let me second alarm wake me up instead, I’m shocked at how different 6:30 feels than my “first alarm”- aka 5:15.

5:15am. The new normal. If someone had ever told me that I would go to bed every night setting my alarm for 5:15am, I would have laughed.

But here we are, almost 8 months into my first “big girl” job and 5:15 is the usual.

Now, I don’t usually get up at 5:15 (unless it’s for a morning workout) but I still, always, without fail set my alarm for this time.

No matter what.


I guess it isn’t the worst habit to have? Unless I’m having a rough morning, and end up snoozing the alarm from 5:15 to 7:00.


The whole point of this story was mainly to illustrate that A) I have issues with the snooze button, and B) I got up yesterday morning for another early workout.

Woop! Another victory!

The workout of choice yesterday morning was actually an older Jillian Michaels workout that I haven’t done in forever- the “second week” workout from Ripped In 30.


It wasn’t the hardest workout I’ve ever completed, but it wasn’t a joke either. I got a good, sweaty 30 minutes in before 6:15 even showed it’s face.

I’d say that’s a Friday morning win!

I also made an amazing Blueberry Banana Oatmeal smoothie that was oh so tasty.


I really wanted to celebrate coffee Friday with the rest of my Starbucks gift card from Christmas, but there were some unforeseen circumstances that arose, so that had to be nixed.


After work, I went home to change for another workout until Shane let me know he actually had to work the open casting call for The Amazing Race last night. This guy- can you believe that’s part of his job?

I feel like this post is a bit scattered?

I blame all of the 5:15am alarms.

Anyways, it was all winning yesterday…until Shane and I went out on an adventure.

An adventure to find a movie we’ve been trying to rent on On Demand for the past 3 weekends.

Until realizing it won’t ever be out on On Demand.

So, we did the next most logical thing.

Red Box.

Low and behold, the red box was completely “rented out” of it. I seriously couldn’t believe it. I told Shane last night that I’m feeling like maybe we aren’t meant to see this movie after all?

The movie, just so you guys know, is….

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters!


I’ve been wanting to watch this for forever. I think stories about sea monsters are fascinating. I have a thing about sea monsters, mythical sea beings and prehistoric ocean dwelling things.

I dunno. It’s a thing.

I especially love this frighteningly awesome Plesiosaurus.


While he ^^^^^ probably doesn’t make an appearance in the movie, I still really want to see it! Normally I have much better taste in movies, I promise. My love of sea monsters is impairing my judgement.

I’m thinking we’ll go out in search of a new Red Box tonight- fingers crossed that they have it this time!

As for right now, we’re watching our home team WSU Shocker game. They are playing KILLER lately, and Shane goes to school there, so we’re pretty big fans.

After that, a workout may be in the agenda. We’ll see! 😉

Have a fantastic Saturday night guys!

A Fan of Early Morning Workouts

Howdy, howdy! How’s everyone doing today? It’s Wednesday, which means it’s officially half way through the week! Crazy? I feel like it’s flown by.

On to more exciting things- like awesome workouts.

Do you guys not just love it when you get a really awesome workout in? How about when you get an awesome workout in before 7:00am?

Well, this girl got both of these today. I started my morning bright and early (I only snoozed my alarm once- score) at around 5:25am and headed down to the oh-so-dark basement for a kick butt morning workout. On tap for today was a P90x workout called Core Synergistics.

Sounds innocent enough, right?


Holy moly- my entire body is sore already and it’s not even been 12 hours? My shoulders, obliques, quads- even my back is sore. It’s a 55 minute workout comprised mostly of planks, power yoga, chaturanga holds, pushups, standing crunches and good old calisthenics like mountain climbers, sprints, jumping jacks and something called “the half back” that, while it’s not even close to being the hardest move in the mix, is still noteworthy and is actually my personal favorite because it’s based in athletic training.

Point being, it’s not an easy workout. But it definitely got my blood pumping this morning! I love getting a good sweat in all before 6:30am. On the flip side, I’ve actually found that I have more energy and have been more productive today because of the earlier start to my day- always a plus.

I’m definitely a fan.

My goal for the rest of this week is to get early morning sessions in every day. Hopefully I can keep with it! I’m loving not having to think or worry about my workout after I get home from work.

That’s not to say I won’t also be participating in evening workouts this week, however. I might still sneak in a few extras with my sweetie- those workout dates really are awesome.

Tonight I’m actually going to be trying out a Jazzercise class with my mom and our family friend (who actually bought me those Jazzercise passes for Christmas) tonight around 5:30. I’m really excited to try it out! I totally wanted to wear leg warmers but I was told that’s not really the kind of Jazzercise we’ll be doing.

jazzercise 80s


After Jazzercise, I’m heading over to Shane’s house to do some more research on where we want to go for our honeymoon. I think we’ve narrowed it down pretty well- thanks to numerous website reviews and advice from family and friends. The only real question now is which resort are we going to (Will it be all inclusive or not? Which part of the beach do we want?) and when exactly we’ll be heading there. I mean, obviously…after the wedding. But when exactly.

So we still have a couple last minute things to think about, but we’re pretty confident we’ll be able to book by the end of the work week. I am so excited! Shane and I have been on several trips together, including twice to Disney World.

Check out that insane red hair I have going on. Whoa…Little Mermaid, anyone?

And once to North Carolina to visit his grandparents. We played a mean game of beach football- team USA vs. team Canada. I actually think we lost.

We also got ourselves some pretty sweet matching sweat shirts.

We really love traveling together. We actually joke that our very first “date” was actually at the Chili’s To Go in the Atlanta airport on a layover coming home from our first trip to Disney. (It wasn’t our first date, obviously. We’d already been dating for 6 months. But up until that point I hadn’t eaten an actual meal in front of him…mostly popcorn. We watched a lot of movies.:) )

Anyhoo, that’s some exciting wedding news. We’re also getting really close to picking out our invitations, and Shane and I will continue apartment hunting here in the near future.

So many life changes are happening right now, guys. It blows my mind. But I can’t believe how blessed I am by everything that’s happening for Shane and I. We have so much to look forward to, and so many wonderful people to share it all with!

Well I have to run to the bank and figure out some not so fun online banking stuff before heading out to Jazzercise- don’t worry, I’ll be sure to let you guys know how it goes. 😉
Have a great night!