Scenes From Last Weekend

Heya folks! So sorry, so much has been going on around here that I just haven’t had a chance to sit and write here. BUT I have a ton of photos from last weekend that I ahevn’t gotten to share yet, so I thought I’d do that today!

No worries- I’ll provide explanations for them all here shortly! But this weekend is crazy busy, too- I have a dress fitting Saturday morning, a bunch of running around Kansas City to do, seeing some friends and then having my very first bridal shower on Sunday! It’s being thrown by my Maid of Honor and her mother, who are two of the most amazing people I know. They’ve worked so, so hard on this shower and I am so excited to see everything they’ve done!

Busy weekend, folks.

So without further adieu, here are scenes from last weekend!















IMG_20140215_213452_956—- This one is probably self explanatory. Screenshot_2013-12-02-19-47-19-1


Alrighty kiddos, have an awesome Friday!

I’m Alive

Howdy folks.

Just want you guys to know I’m still alive and kicking. JUST crazy busy.

Its deadline time round these parts here and as you all know, deadline means no blog time.

However I do have some great photos to share with you all from over the weekend. The hope is that that will be coming your way starting tomorrow.

If I can survive my early a.m. workout that is.

My friend Rachel is planning on doing a little Insanity (c’mon y’all, let’s goooooo) tomorrow bright and early! So I’m going to head to bed in the hopes tomorrow I’ll have some more exciting news.


Blog Fail

Hi friends.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t been taking really any photos at all of things these past few days. Truthfully, I’ve mostly just been working, running errands or finding time to hit the gym- and that just doesn’t leave much to be desired in the way of healthy living blogging.

Blogger fail.

I can tell you that I’ve had really solid workouts all week.

I can also tell you that I’ve been eating well, drinking a ton of water, and trying to limit my intake of soda.

Pretty boring, huh?

Last night, my mom and I went to look around a little bit for jewelry for my bridesmaids. Then, I went on a little venture of my own to pick out a couple things for Shane’s Valentine’s Day gift!

I love Valentine’s Day. I just do.


It doesn’t hurt that I’m marrying a man who has some of the most unique, impressive and creative ways of celebrating V-day on the plant.

Two years ago, we “went” to Paris. Shane created this gorgeous table, a “window” with a view of the Eiffel Tower outside it, French music, delicious (and homemade) French food- and even a plane ride.

Yup. He recorded the sounds of a plane ride- complete with the southern pilot, dinging “seat belt” signs, complimentary champagne- the works.

I used to have photos of it on my phone, but I’ve gotten a new phone since then and I don’t know where they are anymore!

Then last year, we “went” to Cancun. We had a table on the beach, tropical music and super delicious quesadillas. Oh, and the plane…the plane…let’s just say he went ultra “authentic” with it- complete with shots of tequila.

As for this year, I got Shane to tell me that we’ll actually be making a trip to Italy this year. But, since he’s pretty sure he threw out the window and the wall, “we might just have a table right in the middle of the piazza.”

He’s so cute.

So, even though this post might be a tad on the boring side- let me just say this: I’ll be sure and take plenty of photos tomorrow night!

As for now, I need to run a few more errands, get a pedicure and finish my workout for today- I went over lunch the past 2 days to get my cardio in and I’ve really enjoyed that.

Catch ya later, alligators!

Weekend Update

I bet you guys think I’m going to spam your innocent little blog-reading eyes with an update from last night’s Walking Dead mid-season premiere, huh.


Well you’d be wrong my friends! Wrong, for a number of reasons. The first being- hey, homie don’t play that “spoilers” game. And the second being I’m still not sure how I feel about it?

Don’t get me wrong- I love the show. It’s always good.

Even when it isn’t.

Mostly, I didn’t love the story lines they focused on in last night’s episode. I have a list of favorite characters, and you guys all know what happened to my number 1 at the end of the mid-season finale. (It’s still so fresh.)

But I have a list of other favorites, and not a single one was shown or even mentioned last night. I’m still stressed out because I don’t know what’s happened to any of them! All we got last night was a whiney Carl (surprise, surprise) and a Michonne mental collapse (big woop).

Okay- done complaining. Moving on!

Happy Monday! Is everyone ready to get back on track for this coming week?

I’ll tell you what, the one thing I’m probably most excited about this week (besides Valentine’s Day, which despite it being a completely commercial holiday, I still love it) is the fact that we’re going to get a weather warm up round these parts!


In the course of one week, it’s going to go from a high of 28 to a wopping high of 62.


Kansas, folks. You don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes.

Apart from that excitement, Shane and I actually got some big stuff done this weekend.

We chose our apartment (finally!) and we’ll be taking our application and down payment in there this evening.

We also chose our bedding and some bathroom stuff for the apartment, and put it on our registry.

The pattern we chose is called ‘Glass Block’, and I am obsessed with it!


The cool taupe, green, grey and blue is so calming and it’s exactly what I had envisioned for a master bedroom. We also registered for some amazing European sham pillows that I LOVE!

Can you tell I’m excited?

Then, on Sunday, we ventured out into the snow in search of some furniture. We didn’t find the type of couch or chairs we were looking for, but we did *shockingly) find a bed frame that both her and I fell in love with.

It’s called the Southport, and we found it at Haverty’s.


It comes in both distressed white,  and also a gorgeous distressed pine finish- seen above.

We chose pine, because we both wanted brown wood.

Plus, if you can tell in the bedding photo above, our BB and B bedding is going to look so gorgeous against the distressed pine finish!

I’m so pleased that Shane and I seem to be (at least on the big stuff) on the exact same page for our furniture- we really want an old-meets-new, refinished vibe and so the wood on that bed was perfect- and the detail in the frame is gorgeous.

One piece down, about 6 more to go!

Also exciting- over the weekend, I got a package….of water bottles!


Yes! I got a package of pink polycarbonate, ½ gallon water bottles and I am OBSESSED.


Do you guys even know how much of a hassle it was to try and drink a gallon of water a day in 16oz increments?

Do you? (And yes, that is The Walking Dead on the tv in the background)

These little beauties are going to make my life so much easier. Plus they’re pink.

Rock on.

Alright kiddos, the gym is calling my name- and then I have to get to that apartment before it closes for the day! I’m hoping to have a new workout for you all later on this week, so keep an eye out for that.

Have a great night!

Things I’m Loving Thursday- Fitness Edition

Happy Thursday all!

I don’t have a whole lot of “small talk” to fill with today, so let’s get right to the meat of this post and skip the pleasantries, shall we?


Things I’m Loving Thursday

  • You Guys! – Yes, I’m still flying high from the fact that you all helped me get my Ignite Fitness Spark voted into Fitbloggin’ 2014! My head is still reeling from it all, actually. I seriously can’t say it enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been keeping my eyes and ears open for more info and deadlines for the presentation, ect. but I haven’t gotten anything yet. I’ll be sure to post all of the details here as soon as I find out more, though!
  • Tough Workouts- Maybe it’s a little masochistic, but I lu-lu-love hard workouts. HIIT on the treadmill is probably one of my favorites. It’s so much fun to push all out for those 20-30 seconds or so, knowing that you’ll get a quick break just around the bend if you can just keep pushing!


On Monday, my HIIT routine was the perfect blend of all out, I might puke or pass out sprinting intensity and sweet, sweet walking recovery. By the time my 30 minutes were up, I was toasty toast. (Any Tony Horton fans out there know what that’s from? 😉 ) And it didn’t help that my legs were already jello-lishous after that Monday leg workout.

  • Sore Muscles- I most definitely have a love/hate relationship with this, but lately it’s been more love than hate. (Although if you ask my dad, he’d tell you I was being a huge wimp the last day or so.) But I still maintain it isn’t my fault that my calf muscles got horrendously sore and super, super tight after not having worked them specifically for over a month- and then doing 90 weighted calf raises like it was nothing. Truthfully, my left calf is still wicked sore- I can barely straighten my left leg all the way without wincing. And don’t even get me started about sitting down and standing back up….Monday was Legs (quads/calves) and Tuesday was glutes/hamstrings. Two leg days in a row. Gimme a break!


  • Short Term Goal Planning- Most of you probably know that I’m a list maker. Many of you probably know that I plan my workouts out like a psycho, and usually try and plan up to 2 months in advance. While I believe there’s a lot to be said about scheduling workouts like appointments and meal planning/meal prep, I don’t think writing out 2 months worth of workouts is the best idea- especially considering how daunting it looks all scribbled out like that.


So, what I’ve started doing now is- like appointments- I schedule everything out on the Sunday before hand and leave it at that. I do one week at a time, cross the scheduled workouts off as I go, and plan to start all over again the next Sunday for the next week.


So far, so good- and I don’t feel nearly as overwhelmed. It’s easier to digest small chunks of info than a whole calendar full of “to do’s”.

  • Fitness Memes- as if you couldn’t tell already, right?


  • The Walking Dead, seasons 1-3 recap (in preparation for season 4 mid-season premiere!)



Not really “fitness” related (unless you count the fact that I did my chest, triceps and biceps lifting workout while watching last night with my dad), but you guys knew this one was coming!


I feel like I have a lot more that I could list, but most of them are things I’ve definitely listed before, and will most likely list again in the future. For the sake of keeping this here blog interesting, I’ll leave it here for now.

On the agenda for tonight- a repeat of Monday’s leg and shoulder (mostly shoulders today, I’m thinking…)workout, accompanied by 30-40 minutes HIIT on the stationary bike.

I’m soooo bummed I haven’t been able to hop on the stairmaster at all this week- but in the interest of not overtraining or injuring my already painfully sore (still, 3 days later) calves, I think it best if I take a break from my favorite cardio machine, at least until tomorrow. 😉

Hopefully I’ll have a full Fitbloggin’ informational post for you guys sometime soon!

I Got In!

Hey there gals and guys! How is everyone?

This weekend was so busy that I’ve barely had time to sit down and think, let alone think about typing up a whole post! But I have a few minutes now (which I’ll explain shortly) so I figured why not give you guys a much needed update?

First thing’s first- I had a really great workout last night.

I headed over to the gym around 6:15 and was already into my workout by about 6:20. On the agenda for yesterday- Legs, Shoulders and stairmaster circuit. My leg and shoulder circuit took me about 40 minutes to get through, and boy oh boy were my legs and glutes buuuurning by the end of it! I don’t think I’ve ever had a leg workout where my legs legit felt like jello right afterwards? So that was awesome! My shoulders also got quite the burn, which was a welcome change.

After my lifting was over I hopped on the stairmaster with the intention of doing a 30 minute interval routine- however, when I say my legs felt like jello…I mean I got about 3 minutes into the stairmaster routine and had to call it quites. Yowsa. Crazy business.

So I hopped off the stairmaster and hopped onto the treadmill for a 30 minutes treadmills HITT session that kicked my butt- but was exactly what I needed!

It was most definitely a kick butt, sweaty mess workout for a Monday!

On another note, Dad finished season 2 of The Walking Dead last night and has now progressed to season 3! At this rate, he’ll finish in plenty of time to pick up with the midseason premiere of season 4 happening THIS SUNDAY! I can’t wait!


Okay, so the main reason I have some extra time this afternoon is largely due to this:


Yep, we’re getting hit by a winter storm currently. I keep hearing we’re going to get 5-10 inches, but I’m not sure how true that is.

As of right now, we have about 3. It’s supposed to snow all through tonight, however, and maybe on into tomorrow as well.

Yeeesh. I hope the gym stays open.

No, seriously.


They cleared our parking lot at work around 9, but it quickly filled back in again with snow…so we decided we might want to head out a little early today, and that’s exactly what we did.


It sure is pretty though, isn’t it?


Okay, before I go- I have one last thing to share with you guys.

You know last week, when I asked you guys to hop on Fitbloggin’s website and vote for my Ignite Fitness Spark?

Well…I was getting a whole bunch of twitter follower requests this moring, all from people who seem to have nothing but fitness on the brain. A little confused, I checked my e-mail and didn’t see anything. So, I  hopped on the Fitbloggin’ main website early this morning and…




My spark was voted in, and I honestly was so shocked and excited and completely ecstatic that I almost wanted to cry. I have wanted to be apart of the fitness blogger world for so long. I’ve read so many wonderful blogs. I’ve been so inspired.

I’ve read all sorts of things about Fitbloggin from some of my favorite blogs, and I have wanted to go so, so badly.

And now I not only get the chance to go and meet up with some of the amazing people behind my favorite fitness blogs (some of them are super involved, eve working as Fitbloggin’s twitter maven–oh, heyyyy Monica) but I get to go speak to these amazing people, and share a story that I never thought I would share with anyone- let alone be proud of and excited about.

Thank you guys so, so much…from the very bottom of my heart. This is a huge opportunity for me and this little blog here, and I just can’t believe it.

Thank you for helping me make some of my fitness blogger dreams come true!

I get to go to Savannah, guys! WHAT?


I feel so inspired, and so excited…and also proud. I can’t wait to make my presentation, share my journey, and get to experience these amazing 2 days with so many like-minded people!

The support thus far has already been overwhelming. I firmly believe fitness enthusiasts and healthy living bloggers have one of the most uplifting, inspiring and supportive communities around.

Thank you again, to everyone who voted for my Spark! I seriously can’t thank you enough- but I promise I’ll try and find some way to do so!

Are any of you guys planning to attend Fitbloggin 2014? If so, let me know! You can still get tickets on their website, or follow them on twitter- @fitbloggin.

Have a freakin’ fantastic Tuesday friends! I’ll be back tomorrow with a more detailed low down of everything I know about the event, my presentation, the people and more!

A Photo Less Saturday

Happy Saturday friends!

How’s everyone doing today? Good? Great!

So much for being a good blogger this week…I’ve barely posted anything, let alone taken out my camera to take photos of anything! What a mess…all of the stress that happens with wedding planning sort of snuck up on me today I think.

We woke up on this lovely Saturday to a blanket of icey sleet covering the streets. So, my dad had to drive me and my mom to our morning appointment- my first “trial run” of the hair do I think I’ll have for my wedding! WOOHOO!

It was a lot of fun, just letting someone play with my hair like that. And the end result was gorgeous. I am very, very excited about it! It was fun to imagine what it will look like on the day, with my makeup and my hair and the jewelry- ya know, the works. I can’t believe it’s officially less than 4 months away?!

After our hair appointment, my mom and I went to take care of registering for mine and Shane’s every day dishes and adding some fun pieces to my grandmother’s china. We got some amazing dishes registered for, as well as glasses, flat ware and some gorgeous napkins. I never thought I’d care about this stuff, but I’ll tell ya what- it’s really fun.

Shane and I are inheriting my dad’s parent’s china. It’s a really beautiful cream base bone china with what I’ve learned is a “Greek Key” pattern on the inside rim and fluted edges. It’s timeless and classic, plus it comes from the 1940s (how freaking cool is that?) so you know Shane and I were all about the history factor.

As it turns out, the china itself cleans up pretty well, too.


How gorgeous is it with that charger and the napkin? I love it.

(seriously, I would never have guessed I’d care about this stuff.)

After this part of the day ended, we went on to the mall in search of some shoes and jewelry for mom and her wedding day attire. We didn’t have much luck, but we are both feeling pretty accomplished as of now!

We also were able to order our digital prints of all the engagement photos today, so I’ll have those really soon and will be able to post a lot of them on here for you guys to check out! I was so pleased with how they turned out, and I am so excited to finally (we took them back in October!) be able to share them with everyone!

Don’t forget, if you haven’t already, please go vote for my Spark! Wooo Spark #3- vote here !

Alrighty kiddos, time for me to get busy in the kitchen…I have some stuff to make for a superbowl party that Shane and I are attending tomorrow. Which means…I should have a new recipe for you guys tomorrow, too!

But before all that jazz I might be heading downstairs to see where Dad is at in the show I bought him for his birthday…2 weeks ago, I bought him Season 1 of The Walking Dead just thinking on a whim that he might like it. After much resistance, he finally agreed to watch it.


Guess who went out and bought seasons 2 AND 3 of The Walking Dead last night?

th1JJRCIPK             The-Walking-Dead-Season-3-1

That’s right. Do I know how to pick em, or what?


More Blogger Opportunities

Okay friends…today was a pretty blah day. Thing just were kind of a mess, and nothing seemed to be going right at all.

BUT- then, something really exciting happened.

I’ll give you a hint- it has to do with the blog here.

It also has to do with fitness, fitness expos, and blogger meet ups.

Any guesses? (I know I’ve already spammed my Facebook friends about this…but, ya know. 😉 )

Okay, okay…twist my arm! I’ll just tell ya.

I got an e-mail today from the good people over at Fitbloggin.


And this e-mail from the good people over at Fitbloggin was letting me know that the  voting was now open for their Ignite Fitness competition!


And guess who’s Ignite Fitness Spark was chosen as a contender?

This girl’s!

Basically, the Ignite Fitness program allows for fitness bloggers and enthusiasts from all over the country to submit a Spark presentation topic/idea to Fitbloggin. They then put them up on their website and allow the public to vote on which 5 minute presentation they would be the most interested in hearing about at the keynote of Fitbloggin 2014.

And mine is up for voting!

My Spark, entitled “9 Miles”, is the 3rd Spark up on the voting webpage- you can read a little more about it here.


Please, please please…with sugar on top- go to the website and vote for my Spark! If I am one of 7 that receives the highest votes, I’ll get to travel to Fitbloggin for free, AND get a chance to give my 5 minute presentation and share my fitness journey with a bunch of amazing, like-minded people.

How crazy amazing does that sound?!

And to add to the amazing factor, this year’s Fitbloggin is being held at the historic and stunningly beautiful city of Savanah, Georgia!




So again, pretty please take the time to visit the voting page and give my Spark a read! Then, if you’re feeling generous, help a sister out and VOTE!

The link to the website again is on their main page here.

If you want more info on Fitbloggin, be sure and check it out- they’re an awesome organization! Tickets for the event go on sale this upcoming Saturday, February 1st. If it sounds like something you’d be interested in- sign up!

And come on, it’s Savannah.


If all goes well, and you guys help me out with a little voting action 😉 – hopefully I’ll be there too!

Please and thank you all, in advance!

Have a fantastic Wednesday friends!

Planning vs. Doing

Howdy, howdy! How was everyone’s weekend?

Hopefully fantastic!

Ours was- very busy, but rather productive. On Saturday morning, I went home and got organized before heading back out in the afternoon to do a little apartment hunting with Shane.

We were a little worried we’d have to put on our name on some crazy waiting list, but the place we love is only 50% full right now. We were told if we fill out an application, they can hold an apartment for us for 3 months. So I think the plan is to run by and grab one sometime this week/weekend and fill it out so we can start moving in mid April or early May.

It’s super exciting!

Then, after apartment hunting was done, we went back to BB and B for a few last minute additions to our kitchen registry. I have my first bridal shower coming up in February (woohooo!!!), so I wanted to have a good amount of items on my list before hand.

After that, Shane and I met up with some friends for a murder mystery show that was very…interesting.  And we’ll just leave it at that, shall we? 😉

Sunday was spent lounging around and doing some other organizational things. I also made time to get out and enjoy the amazing weather we were having yesterday! Dad and I went for a pre-dinner power walk that ran us about 2.5 miles. It was a perfect cap to the gorgeous day! And a great, very busy weekend.


Now it’s back to Monday. Errr…Tueaday.


I wasn’t ready at all this morning- but I had a little extra motivation to wake up early so I could see my favorite morning news anchor! (I’ll fill you guys in on this a bit more in a few days, I promise.)

I hit the gym at 5:30 this morning for a quick leg/shoulder/back circuit, 15 minutes of the arc trainer and 15 minutes on the stair master.

As far as workouts go- it wasn’t the best. :/ But it was better than nothing. I’ll likely try and fit another in later today.

Maybe this guy?

For this lovely Tuesday there’s something else entirely I’d like to focus on a little bit.

p vs d

Ah yes, the subject of planning vs. doing.

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret- I am a perpetual planner.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m the queen of list making, agenda toting, calendar printing and plan making. I can make plans for days. Business plans, fitness plans, diet plans, goal lists, ect. You name it, I’ve probably made some sort of a list or plan to go along with it at some point or another.

I’m really good about planning. I’m also good about getting excited for new plans to come into effect.

What I’m not so good at…is always following through. I’m always looking for the next best thing, a new plan to create, something that will really work this time- then petering out when I get bored or don’t see what I want soon enough.

It’s a mess.

I taked a little bit about this in terms of fitness in –this- post a little bit ago, but it’s just as true about career goals, wedding planning, packing for trips, ect. as it is about that stuff.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting pretty tired of it.

I think it’s time I do a little less planning, and a lot more doing.


I think Nike is onto something.

I’m still a big lover of lists, don’t get me wrong. And goal planning is great. But planning can’t be something that continually gets in the way of doing, and I’m afraid that’s something I’m very guilty of.

If you don’t like your circumstances- change them.

If you’re tired of feeling overweight- do something about it.

If you feel stuck at a job you don’t like- start looking for a new one.

If you’re experiencing a negative relationship in your life- either take steps to actively fix that relationship, or move on.

All of this is so much easier said than done. I know that.

Change is hard.

So is staying the same.

Choose your hard.

On that note, I want to leave you guys with some inspirational quotes. (I know, I know.) These are from all over, including pinterest and other forums.

Granted, most of them are fitness related- because this is a healthy living blog and that’s also my main focus right now. I think you’ll be surprised how often “fit quotes” can translate into all areas of struggle in our lives.





Fitness Friday- A Sort Of Workout Review

Hello, hello and a very happy Friday to you all! (If you’re reading this post, get ready to feel like a time traveler…I actually scheduled this bad boy back on Tuesday. Cool, right?)

You’ll have to forgive the somewhat scatter brained-ness of this post, friends. Since I’m basically time jumping over three days, it might all sound a little strange. I’m throwing this together on a Thursday night after having worked late two nights in a row. You’ll have to forgive me.

(Did I say that twice?)

Unfortunately, because this week has been so crazy, I haven’t had a chance to snap any solid photos of my food so far. Which stinks.

But I can tell you that I’m extremely pleased that even through the chaos of deadline, I managed to eat very healthy and still get (as of this morning) 4 solid workouts in throughout the week. I took Thursday off because A) I needed the extra sleep in the a.m. from working late the night before and B) my muscles were on fire.

Which brings me to the reason for this post….after all, it is Fitness Friday!

So, for today what I have planned for you is…another workout review!

Sort of.

This week, I decided to pull an old standby out for my workout on Monday night- and I fell so head over heels in love with it again, that I did it for my workout on Tuesday AND Wednesday as well!

It completely kicked my butt, but in the absolute best way. I have no idea why it’s taken me almost 8 months to pull this DVD out of my workout collection and put it back in the rotation again?

I love it.

I know a lot of people sort of see or hear “tae bo” and laugh at it a little bit- but let me tell you something.

Old school is where it’s at.

Not only that, but this DVD (not actually that old- 2010 I think?) is killer. It’s a total body cardio workout of boxing moves, kicks and cardio calisthenics. It does an amazing job of toning your back and shoulders- two of my favorite areas to train, and also two of the more difficult for me- as well as toning and shaping your stems.

Two summers ago, I did this DVD every day for 2 weeks straight and I kid you not- lost over 2 inches from both legs.

It was awesome.

I love this DVD too because you immediately start moving- the warm up is super dynamic and gets your blood pumping right off the bat. I also love that it’s a solid 50 minutes long, including the cool down.

Time flies through this thing, you guys- it’s so much fun! (I’ve done it 4 times this week and I’m still not tired of it.) It’s also pretty handy at relieving stress. 😉

If you like boxing, kick boxing, body weight training, cardio, sweating your face off, feeling like you got a killer workout….or losing inches….I highly recommend trying this DVD. You can find it online here, along with a ton of other great tae bo workouts from the original- Billy Blanks.

I really want to try his ultimate boot camp workout next. 😉

If anyone is super interested in this workout and lives anywhere near the area, seriously, feel free to hit me up and we can get a mini tae bo fusion class together! Yes- I’m THAT big of a fan.

Or, if that’s too weird, if anyone is just curious about the video and wants a full on workout review- I’m down for that, too.

Have an awesome, awesome Friday everyone!