This Is Embarrassing

So, I officially don’t know what happened.

Last week sort of just went POOF and vanished before I even had a chance to realize it.

This is embarrassing.

It’s been a whole whopping week since I’ve posted on here, and I’ve gotta tell you guys….I have good reason.

From Wednesday last week to Wednesday this morning, this is a total sum of everything that’s happened:

Wednesday– Shane came home and I had to work late.

Thursday– worked all morning, squeezed in a workout, worked late again, watched basketball with Shane

Friday-worked, worked out, shopped, went to a bar to watch the Shockers play Cal Poly

Saturday- shopped, menu tasting for the wedding, out to dinner to celebrate birthday weekend, out on the town

Sunday– KU game (bummer) and then the Shocker game (my heart is still broken. I can’t believe it.), couch shopping, Muppets Most Wanted (meh.)

Monday– birthday festivities! (I’m 23 now, everyone. 23. Exciting.)

Tuesday- work, squeezed in a workout, worked on wedding stuff

Today– I have quite a bit of work to do, along with more wedding stuff, blog work and a workout somewhere around 4:00pm.

This post is not exciting, even in the least. I just wanted to explain where I’ve been all week.

Also, I don’t actually have any photos from any of the above mentioned events as of now.

Oooof. Blogger Fail.

So, on that note- here’s something funny to start your day.



I’ll be back tomorrow with a really great Things I’m Loving Thursday post!


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