My Very First WIAW

Happy Hump Day! Have you guys done anything extra exciting or productive today? Personally, I can’t believe it’s already halfway through the week, let alone already 2:00 o’clock.


Today started bright and early with a morning appointment, then ran a few errands and headed back home to get some work done. (If any of you have been following for a little while, you might know that this week is traditionally my most busy week.) But today I wanted to make sure and get as much of my work done as possible because Shane is on a place as we speak on his way back home. šŸ™‚

I hate to be happy that his Vegas trip has come to an end- but hey, I’m only human.

So, for my post today (and for the first time ever on Fitbie Bride) I wanted to do a little something known in blog land as WIAW- also known as What I AteĀ Wednesday!

This post, porpular among lots of healthy living blogs, sort of goes back to the original “food blog” idea- basically, a whole post dedicated to the foods eaten on a single day.

Exciting, right? šŸ˜‰ I know, I know…work with me.

Without any further adieu- here we go, FBB’s very first WIAW!



Yesterday morning began bright and early (sensing a pattern here?) with a mini egg white and turkey sausageĀ omelet. Ā This guy might be little, but it packed a serious flavor and protein punch and kept me full for a good 4 hours while I worked yesterday morning.

Also, that giant Venti mug was about 2/3 full of hot coffee. Yum.

That’s my kind of breakfast.



Around 11:00am, I was wanting something to sip on. I’m trying to drink less coffee (easier said than done, for sure) so I went the other route and decided to pull out my Christmas 2013 Green tea kettle and make, what else, green tea!



I love this kettle. Love it.



Along with my giant mug-o-green tea, I also snacked on a small hand full of almonds for a little extra protein and some healthy fats. Perfect little snack.

After working some more and squeezing in a kickboxing workout (more specifically, Kenpo X- love my weekly dose of Tony) I whipped up a chocolate and greens smoothie for lunch.



Yes. This color is horrific.

It tasted rockin’ though. šŸ˜‰

In the mix:

– 1 cup almond milk

-2 huge hand fulls of spinach

– 1 scoop chocolate mocha Fit Frappe protein powder

-1/4 cup water (for texture)

-1 tbs. chia seedsĀ 

– ice (duh)

It might not have been pretty, but it kept me full until 7:00pm when I finally got around to eating dinner. Mom and I were on our own last night (my dad was away on business), so we decided not to cook anything and ventured out for You-Pick-Two combos at Panera instead.

I opted for the cup of broccoli cheddar soup (it’s the best. the. best.) and a half Greek salad with shrimp. The salad was meh…the shrimp was awesome, but there was too much tomato for me.

Alrighty kiddos- I have more work to do, and then I have a sweet future husband to kiss…and probably a little more work later tonight.

Catch ya later!


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