Coffee Friday, “Selfie” Saturday, Sunday Set Ups

Goooood morning all! How was the weekend? Fantastic? I sure hope so!

Also- Happy St. Patricks Day! I love this holiday. Must be the Irish in me? 😉

This weekend for me was spent mostly getting organized and doing some much needed wedding stuff. Shane left on Saturday morning on a trip to Las Vegas and won’t be home until Wednesday, so the story will be much the same for the rest of the week. I miss him a lot, not to mention that fact I’m insanely jealous, so keeping myself busy is/was the best way to deal with it- or such was my logic going into the weekend.

Friday, I finished up some work and tried to get some things organized going into this week. I also (of course) had to stop for the customary celebratory coffee for Coffee Friday!



Grande Skinny Caramel Macchiato! Yum.

Friday night, I stayed in and ended up going to bed pretty early…I had some fun plans for early the next morning!

Saturday around 7:30a.m., downtown Wichita was overrun with people in green t-shirts, tutus, crazy beards and all sorts of other fun costumes! This girl wasn’t much into the dressing up aspect- but that didn’t stop Rachel (one of my oldest friends, and one of my bridesmaids) from getting in on the crazy sock/tutu train.



She’s a kook. 😉

I met up with Rachel and her sweet roommate Megan bright and early to “warm up” for the annual St. Patricks Day 5k run/walk. It was a little chilly when we first got there, but by the time the race started (we definitely went in the second wave…no 6 minute miles for me, thanks.) the sun was up and it got warm pretty quickly! I also happened to have double layers on, so I was fairly toasty by about mile 2.

It was a lot of fun, and a great way to get up and moving early on a Saturday!

After I went home and showered up, I got in the car with my parents and we headed out to nearby Winfield to watch the matinee performance of my little cousin in his high school’s Broadway variety show. The show was really great- that school packs a whole lotta talent, let me tell you- but unfortunately, I think my cousin was actually coming down with a case of strep throat during the actual performance. His voice was so gone and his throat hurts so badly that he didn’t even get to sing his lead song or dance. I was so bummed, and I felt horrible for him- he looked like he was in a lot of pain and I can relate to having worked so hard on so many rehearsals and then have to bow out of a performance. It’s the worst. 😦

On Saturday night, I met up with a good friend of mine and we had dinner and chatted for almost 3 hours. It was a much needed, very relaxing evening.

Sunday, my dad offered to take me to the Lego Movie. So- duh. We went.



It was every bit as cute as I expected it to be, and I can happily relax now that I’ve finally seen it!

Of course, last night was also Selection Sunday for the upcoming NCAA tournament. I watched to see where all 3 of my state’s teams would land- WSU is a 1 seed in the Midwest region, K-state is a 9 seed in the same region and KU is a 2 seed in the South region.

All I have to say is that if you take one look at the Midwest region you can see that the committee is clearly making a (not so nice) point to WSU here, and Charles Barkley agrees with me.


But I’m not phased- and neither are the Shox. 😉

I have a cross training (maybe kickboxing?) workout as well as a back and biceps session on tap for today after I do some work. Have a fantastic Monday my friends! (Don’t forget to wear some green! 😉 )

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