This Is Embarrassing

So, I officially don’t know what happened.

Last week sort of just went POOF and vanished before I even had a chance to realize it.

This is embarrassing.

It’s been a whole whopping week since I’ve posted on here, and I’ve gotta tell you guys….I have good reason.

From Wednesday last week to Wednesday this morning, this is a total sum of everything that’s happened:

Wednesday– Shane came home and I had to work late.

Thursday– worked all morning, squeezed in a workout, worked late again, watched basketball with Shane

Friday-worked, worked out, shopped, went to a bar to watch the Shockers play Cal Poly

Saturday- shopped, menu tasting for the wedding, out to dinner to celebrate birthday weekend, out on the town

Sunday– KU game (bummer) and then the Shocker game (my heart is still broken. I can’t believe it.), couch shopping, Muppets Most Wanted (meh.)

Monday– birthday festivities! (I’m 23 now, everyone. 23. Exciting.)

Tuesday- work, squeezed in a workout, worked on wedding stuff

Today– I have quite a bit of work to do, along with more wedding stuff, blog work and a workout somewhere around 4:00pm.

This post is not exciting, even in the least. I just wanted to explain where I’ve been all week.

Also, I don’t actually have any photos from any of the above mentioned events as of now.

Oooof. Blogger Fail.

So, on that note- here’s something funny to start your day.



I’ll be back tomorrow with a really great Things I’m Loving Thursday post!


My Very First WIAW

Happy Hump Day! Have you guys done anything extra exciting or productive today? Personally, I can’t believe it’s already halfway through the week, let alone already 2:00 o’clock.


Today started bright and early with a morning appointment, then ran a few errands and headed back home to get some work done. (If any of you have been following for a little while, you might know that this week is traditionally my most busy week.) But today I wanted to make sure and get as much of my work done as possible because Shane is on a place as we speak on his way back home. 🙂

I hate to be happy that his Vegas trip has come to an end- but hey, I’m only human.

So, for my post today (and for the first time ever on Fitbie Bride) I wanted to do a little something known in blog land as WIAW- also known as What I Ate Wednesday!

This post, porpular among lots of healthy living blogs, sort of goes back to the original “food blog” idea- basically, a whole post dedicated to the foods eaten on a single day.

Exciting, right? 😉 I know, I know…work with me.

Without any further adieu- here we go, FBB’s very first WIAW!



Yesterday morning began bright and early (sensing a pattern here?) with a mini egg white and turkey sausage omelet.  This guy might be little, but it packed a serious flavor and protein punch and kept me full for a good 4 hours while I worked yesterday morning.

Also, that giant Venti mug was about 2/3 full of hot coffee. Yum.

That’s my kind of breakfast.



Around 11:00am, I was wanting something to sip on. I’m trying to drink less coffee (easier said than done, for sure) so I went the other route and decided to pull out my Christmas 2013 Green tea kettle and make, what else, green tea!



I love this kettle. Love it.



Along with my giant mug-o-green tea, I also snacked on a small hand full of almonds for a little extra protein and some healthy fats. Perfect little snack.

After working some more and squeezing in a kickboxing workout (more specifically, Kenpo X- love my weekly dose of Tony) I whipped up a chocolate and greens smoothie for lunch.



Yes. This color is horrific.

It tasted rockin’ though. 😉

In the mix:

– 1 cup almond milk

-2 huge hand fulls of spinach

– 1 scoop chocolate mocha Fit Frappe protein powder

-1/4 cup water (for texture)

-1 tbs. chia seeds 

– ice (duh)

It might not have been pretty, but it kept me full until 7:00pm when I finally got around to eating dinner. Mom and I were on our own last night (my dad was away on business), so we decided not to cook anything and ventured out for You-Pick-Two combos at Panera instead.

I opted for the cup of broccoli cheddar soup (it’s the best. the. best.) and a half Greek salad with shrimp. The salad was meh…the shrimp was awesome, but there was too much tomato for me.

Alrighty kiddos- I have more work to do, and then I have a sweet future husband to kiss…and probably a little more work later tonight.

Catch ya later!


Coffee Friday, “Selfie” Saturday, Sunday Set Ups

Goooood morning all! How was the weekend? Fantastic? I sure hope so!

Also- Happy St. Patricks Day! I love this holiday. Must be the Irish in me? 😉

This weekend for me was spent mostly getting organized and doing some much needed wedding stuff. Shane left on Saturday morning on a trip to Las Vegas and won’t be home until Wednesday, so the story will be much the same for the rest of the week. I miss him a lot, not to mention that fact I’m insanely jealous, so keeping myself busy is/was the best way to deal with it- or such was my logic going into the weekend.

Friday, I finished up some work and tried to get some things organized going into this week. I also (of course) had to stop for the customary celebratory coffee for Coffee Friday!



Grande Skinny Caramel Macchiato! Yum.

Friday night, I stayed in and ended up going to bed pretty early…I had some fun plans for early the next morning!

Saturday around 7:30a.m., downtown Wichita was overrun with people in green t-shirts, tutus, crazy beards and all sorts of other fun costumes! This girl wasn’t much into the dressing up aspect- but that didn’t stop Rachel (one of my oldest friends, and one of my bridesmaids) from getting in on the crazy sock/tutu train.



She’s a kook. 😉

I met up with Rachel and her sweet roommate Megan bright and early to “warm up” for the annual St. Patricks Day 5k run/walk. It was a little chilly when we first got there, but by the time the race started (we definitely went in the second wave…no 6 minute miles for me, thanks.) the sun was up and it got warm pretty quickly! I also happened to have double layers on, so I was fairly toasty by about mile 2.

It was a lot of fun, and a great way to get up and moving early on a Saturday!

After I went home and showered up, I got in the car with my parents and we headed out to nearby Winfield to watch the matinee performance of my little cousin in his high school’s Broadway variety show. The show was really great- that school packs a whole lotta talent, let me tell you- but unfortunately, I think my cousin was actually coming down with a case of strep throat during the actual performance. His voice was so gone and his throat hurts so badly that he didn’t even get to sing his lead song or dance. I was so bummed, and I felt horrible for him- he looked like he was in a lot of pain and I can relate to having worked so hard on so many rehearsals and then have to bow out of a performance. It’s the worst. 😦

On Saturday night, I met up with a good friend of mine and we had dinner and chatted for almost 3 hours. It was a much needed, very relaxing evening.

Sunday, my dad offered to take me to the Lego Movie. So- duh. We went.



It was every bit as cute as I expected it to be, and I can happily relax now that I’ve finally seen it!

Of course, last night was also Selection Sunday for the upcoming NCAA tournament. I watched to see where all 3 of my state’s teams would land- WSU is a 1 seed in the Midwest region, K-state is a 9 seed in the same region and KU is a 2 seed in the South region.

All I have to say is that if you take one look at the Midwest region you can see that the committee is clearly making a (not so nice) point to WSU here, and Charles Barkley agrees with me.


But I’m not phased- and neither are the Shox. 😉

I have a cross training (maybe kickboxing?) workout as well as a back and biceps session on tap for today after I do some work. Have a fantastic Monday my friends! (Don’t forget to wear some green! 😉 )

Sweet Spinach Smoothie

Good morning! Happy Tuesday everyone. I’m hoping your weeks are all off to fabulous starts.

Yesterday, as I mentioned in my last post, was super stunningly gorgeous. I went for a long walk outside with my dad yesterday afternoon and stopped a few times to snap a couple photos- for once, not a blogger fail!



The neighborhood we live in has tons of pretty little lakes sprinkled throughout. We have an amazing walking/running/biking path here that (despite perpetually being covered in Goose poop) is really beautiful and also full of big trees and, in the spring/summer, very pretty flowers.



I wish these photos actually did yesterday justice. Since the grass is still brown and the trees are still bare, it doesn’t look like it was as beautiful as it really was.

While my dad and I were stopped, we happened across our favorite pair of ducks that live on the lake.



Dad calls them “Oreo”. Legitimately, these two are never apart. We always try and figure out if their both boys, or if they could be, ya know, together. Dad’s convinced that the white one is a girl and is obsessed with finding out what their babies will look like.


There’s also a pair of two white ducks that are always, always together. He calls them “Double Stuffed”.

He’s a kook.

In other (less pretty) news, I found another new and exciting way to make a spinach smoothie! (woooo!) I know- you guys can hardly stand the anticipation, right?

Let me say, first, that it isn’t nearly as pretty as my previous recipe.



The brown color is a result of berries mixing with the spinach.

So, I know I said my previous spinach smoothie recipe is on the tart side. Let’s say sweet smoothies are more your style. This will be right up your alley, while still getting the goodness of hidden spinach!

Sweet Spinach Smoothie

In the mix:

-1 cup unsweetened original almond milk

-1/2 frozen banana

-1/2 cup fresh blueberries (or whatever berry floats your boat. I love blubs.)

-1/2 scoop whatever protein powder you like best! (I’ve been using V-Core Vanilla Bean)

-1 heaping handful spinach

-1 tbs. chia seeds (or flaxseed)

-1/2 tbs. honey

Blend all ingredients together (except spinach) until smooth, then add spinach and blend until it turns that lovely brown color. Add ice to whatever texture you dig, and call it a day! I love this version because you get antioxidants from the blueberries and the chia seeds, some hidden greens, filling protein- and it tastes great.



This is what my setup is looking like this morning. Work station, smoothie, to do list- now, it’s about time to start checking some stuff off!

I have some work to finish up, some errands to run, a workout to do and maybe even a suprise lunch date with my mister. It’s going to be another gorgeous day!

Catch you guys later!

Sunday Funday

Good morning, all. How was the weekend? Hopefully it as great!

I was too busy livin’ life yesterday to either a) post or b) take photos- which needs to be addressed immediately. Sometimes I forget I’m supposed to be blogging about more than just funny memes.

Not really. I just got lazy.

But no more! I promise I’ll be much better with my photos from here on out. I should probably consider investing in a camera, since I’ll probably need one for Fitbloggin in June anyway. Maybe for my birthday?

Anyway, time for a quick Sunday update!

I missed my long run this weekend, so I’m feeling a little disappointed. I was supposed to run 6 miles yesterday- but how could I run 6 miles with so much else to do!


Yesterday, after trying to meet with our Pastor, Shane took me to see the suit he likes for the wedding. He looked so handsome in it- it was definitely a moment for me. With time seeming to go so, so fast (my birthday is 2 weeks from today, which is mind blowing) I know it’s going to feel like no time at all until the big day is finally here!

After suit viewing, Shane and I made our way over to a sport’s bar in town called Deano’s to watch the number 2 ranked Wichita State Shockers take on Indiana State for the MVC tournament title. While I thought there were a couple close calls (sort of), the Shox still pulled it out and became MVC champs for the first time since the 8o’s Talk about a comeback story. I can’t wait to watch them heading into the NCAA tournament this year!

Wichita State jpg (source)

Last night, after the excitement of the game, I decided on a longer walk outside rather than doing my cross training in the gym. It was a whopping 58 degrees and sunny here yesterday, so it was pretty much perfect. (I should have taken photos, it was so gorgeous!)

I’ll remember to snap some today when I’m out there- it’s supposed to be a high of 75 today (!!!!) Shorts and long sleeves is my favorite weather.

In other news, last night Shane and I finally made it to the movies…but not to see the Lego Movie. No, no no… we saw the new 300 movie instead. In 3d.



Not that I’m complaining- I wanted to see it, too. However, I will say I liked the original much better. The plot on this one was a little weak (Weaker than the first. Yes.) And I found I didn’t care nearly as much about what happened to the Athenians than I did about the Spartans.

But ya know, to each their own Greek city state.

Even with all of the visuals, which mostly were great but which almost started to feel video-game like at parts?- there was too much weird/unnecessary other stuff that I found distracting. Like really graphic sex scenes for no strategic reason. With crazy women.

300: Rise Of An Empire (2013) EVA GREEN as Artemesia


She’s pretty much nuts.

Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Anyhooo, it’s Monday! And it’s supposed to be warm and beautiful! I can’t help but be in a great mood when spring is so, so close. I intend to get every drop of sunshine and warmth out of today that I can- maybe I’ll even run my 6 miles outside today?

Have an amazing Monday everyone!

The Truth Hurts


I know you guys are sick of seeing green smoothie photos.


(or maybe not? I guess I’ve only posted a couple other ones.)

But frankly,  these babies are just about the only exciting thing I’ve done this week.


Go figure.

Workouts this week have actually been pretty on point- I did 20 minutes on the stationary bike on Monday, and then Rachel came over and we did 40 minutes of Tae Bo (old schooool). Tuesday I ran 1 mile at tempo speed, then did 35 minutes steady state on the ARC trainer. Yesterday, I did a full body resistance workout and ran 4 miles (score- never gets old). This afternoon was another cross training day, so I did 30 minutes high resistance on the elliptical and then did 10 minutes of 30 second sprint/30 second recover at 8mph and 4mph respectively.

Tomorrow, I have another 4 mile run and some ab work on the agenda.

I’ve also been doing pretty spot on with my eating this week, as well. This may or may not directly correlate with the things I’ve chosen to give up for Lent this year.

Shall we recap?




-“processed” food (it sounded great when I started)



Actually, I do always observe Lent…and it’s traditional for the “Lenten Fast” to be observed by giving up sweets, pastries, ect. (which is why you’re supposed to go out and eat pancakes on Fat Tuesday. No. I didn’t make that up. I remember reading it.)

But still, the truth hurts sometimes.

A lot.


On a happier note, tomorrow-  Shane and I have an appointment with our new apartment to pick a move in date (wooooo) and figure out how long a lease we want to sign. Saturday, we have a date with some furniture store sales and Sunday we have a meeting with our visiting Pastor for our wedding Pastor Joe. I’ll tell you guys something…there are some real adult things happening in these parts.

We also have plans to go see The Lego Movie tomorrow night. (LEGO BATMAN)


So there’s that.

Seriously. 5th times charm, right?

I have a little work to finish up, some delicious tea to make and a whole lotta Grey’s Anatomy to watch (did anyone catch last week’s episode? WHAAAAAT?) so that’ll about do it for me tonight.

Have a fantastic, fantastic Thursday evening!

Blame It On The Weather

Well, another weekend has passed…and we still haven’t gone to see the Lego Movie yet.

Total bummer.

I blame the weather- it dumped a mix of sleet and snow on us over the course of Saturday night/Sunday and it was down right disgusting out there for a while. Luckily, it isn’t nearly as bad today, so I’m looking forward to hitting the gym later this afternoon after I finish up my work.

That isn’t to say that the gross weather kept me away from the gym yesterday, though!

My dad and I went together yesterday afternoon, even in the midst of the winter mess.



If you can’t tell, we both had a great workout! (Oh hey, FILA shoes! I love those laces.)

I also had a great workout- I managed to run 5 miles yesterday, as per my training program instructed. WOOP! It’s been years since I’ve run 5 miles.




It took me roughly 50 minutes to run those 5 miles- so yeah, that’s about 10 minutes per mile…oooof. If anyone else out there is doing the math, that would be put me at roughly 2 hours and 11 minutes for a half marathon.

Double oooof.

I’m gonna have to pick up the pace, guys. Even if all I do is run my “virtual half”, that’s still a wicked long time. 😦 Oh well, at least I’m working on it!

Other highlights from this weekend include Wichita State finishing the regular season at a PERFECT 31-0! Super exciting stuff right there!

Shane and I also never made it out furniture shopping, so I’m hoping maybe I can convince him to go with me this weekend while it’s nice outside. Fingers crossed! What with him getting set to move into the apartment next month (what?) we’ll need something to sit on at least!

In other news, I’m obsessed with Pharrell’s song from Despicable Me 2.



“Because I’ happpppppppyyyy!”

I rocked out to it through nearly half of my run yesterday- even thought towards the end I wasn’t feeling “happy” so much as “achy”.

It is awesome. I was bummed he didn’t win for best original song last night at the Oscar’s, but I loved Frozen too, so I can’t complain.

I also made the most delicious Spinach smoothie after my run yesterday!



Check out that amazing green color. And, don’t be fooled- it was so good.

In the smoothie:

-1 huge hand full spinach

-1/4 cup water

-1/4 cup OJ

-1/2 granny smith apple

-1 slice lemon (juiced)

-3 chunks frozen pineapple (could also use 1/2 banana, but I prefer the tropical tang of pineapple)


I put the water and OJ in first, just to make sure everything gets moving. This is delicious, tart and full of good for you fruits and greens! A total winner in my book. I’m probably going to make one again today- I just don’t know if I’ll wait for post workout, or if I’ll make it for lunch instead!

Also, on a total side note, is anyone else out there still watching The Walking Dead like I am? I feel like there might be a romance brewing…and I LOVE IT! I know most people might think its weird or creepy or just sort of gross, but I love Daryl and want nothing more than for him to find love. If it’s a circumstance of the zombie apocalypse, so be it.

Alright folks, that’s about it for me today. I have a little work to finish up, a green smoothie to make, and a back/shoulders workout to get to before hitting the Stairmaster for a little cross training action. I realized last night that as of today- we’re a little less than 12 weeks out from the Big Day! (Exactly 87 days—-eeeee!) It’s time for me to really buckle down and get stuff done- so you’ll likely be seeing lots of green smoothies, running updates, egg white scrambles, chicken and fresh veggie recipes on here for the next little bit!

Have a fantastic Monday 🙂