I Got In!

Hey there gals and guys! How is everyone?

This weekend was so busy that I’ve barely had time to sit down and think, let alone think about typing up a whole post! But I have a few minutes now (which I’ll explain shortly) so I figured why not give you guys a much needed update?

First thing’s first- I had a really great workout last night.

I headed over to the gym around 6:15 and was already into my workout by about 6:20. On the agenda for yesterday- Legs, Shoulders and stairmaster circuit. My leg and shoulder circuit took me about 40 minutes to get through, and boy oh boy were my legs and glutes buuuurning by the end of it! I don’t think I’ve ever had a leg workout where my legs legit felt like jello right afterwards? So that was awesome! My shoulders also got quite the burn, which was a welcome change.

After my lifting was over I hopped on the stairmaster with the intention of doing a 30 minute interval routine- however, when I say my legs felt like jello…I mean I got about 3 minutes into the stairmaster routine and had to call it quites. Yowsa. Crazy business.

So I hopped off the stairmaster and hopped onto the treadmill for a 30 minutes treadmills HITT session that kicked my butt- but was exactly what I needed!

It was most definitely a kick butt, sweaty mess workout for a Monday!

On another note, Dad finished season 2 of The Walking Dead last night and has now progressed to season 3! At this rate, he’ll finish in plenty of time to pick up with the midseason premiere of season 4 happening THIS SUNDAY! I can’t wait!


Okay, so the main reason I have some extra time this afternoon is largely due to this:


Yep, we’re getting hit by a winter storm currently. I keep hearing we’re going to get 5-10 inches, but I’m not sure how true that is.

As of right now, we have about 3. It’s supposed to snow all through tonight, however, and maybe on into tomorrow as well.

Yeeesh. I hope the gym stays open.

No, seriously.


They cleared our parking lot at work around 9, but it quickly filled back in again with snow…so we decided we might want to head out a little early today, and that’s exactly what we did.


It sure is pretty though, isn’t it?


Okay, before I go- I have one last thing to share with you guys.

You know last week, when I asked you guys to hop on Fitbloggin’s website and vote for my Ignite Fitness Spark?

Well…I was getting a whole bunch of twitter follower requests this moring, all from people who seem to have nothing but fitness on the brain. A little confused, I checked my e-mail and didn’t see anything. So, I  hopped on the Fitbloggin’ main website early this morning and…




My spark was voted in, and I honestly was so shocked and excited and completely ecstatic that I almost wanted to cry. I have wanted to be apart of the fitness blogger world for so long. I’ve read so many wonderful blogs. I’ve been so inspired.

I’ve read all sorts of things about Fitbloggin from some of my favorite blogs, and I have wanted to go so, so badly.

And now I not only get the chance to go and meet up with some of the amazing people behind my favorite fitness blogs (some of them are super involved, eve working as Fitbloggin’s twitter maven–oh, heyyyy Monica) but I get to go speak to these amazing people, and share a story that I never thought I would share with anyone- let alone be proud of and excited about.

Thank you guys so, so much…from the very bottom of my heart. This is a huge opportunity for me and this little blog here, and I just can’t believe it.

Thank you for helping me make some of my fitness blogger dreams come true!

I get to go to Savannah, guys! WHAT?


I feel so inspired, and so excited…and also proud. I can’t wait to make my presentation, share my journey, and get to experience these amazing 2 days with so many like-minded people!

The support thus far has already been overwhelming. I firmly believe fitness enthusiasts and healthy living bloggers have one of the most uplifting, inspiring and supportive communities around.

Thank you again, to everyone who voted for my Spark! I seriously can’t thank you enough- but I promise I’ll try and find some way to do so!

Are any of you guys planning to attend Fitbloggin 2014? If so, let me know! You can still get tickets on their website, or follow them on twitter- @fitbloggin.

Have a freakin’ fantastic Tuesday friends! I’ll be back tomorrow with a more detailed low down of everything I know about the event, my presentation, the people and more!

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