A Photo Less Saturday

Happy Saturday friends!

How’s everyone doing today? Good? Great!

So much for being a good blogger this week…I’ve barely posted anything, let alone taken out my camera to take photos of anything! What a mess…all of the stress that happens with wedding planning sort of snuck up on me today I think.

We woke up on this lovely Saturday to a blanket of icey sleet covering the streets. So, my dad had to drive me and my mom to our morning appointment- my first “trial run” of the hair do I think I’ll have for my wedding! WOOHOO!

It was a lot of fun, just letting someone play with my hair like that. And the end result was gorgeous. I am very, very excited about it! It was fun to imagine what it will look like on the day, with my makeup and my hair and the jewelry- ya know, the works. I can’t believe it’s officially less than 4 months away?!

After our hair appointment, my mom and I went to take care of registering for mine and Shane’s every day dishes and adding some fun pieces to my grandmother’s china. We got some amazing dishes registered for, as well as glasses, flat ware and some gorgeous napkins. I never thought I’d care about this stuff, but I’ll tell ya what- it’s really fun.

Shane and I are inheriting my dad’s parent’s china. It’s a really beautiful cream base bone china with what I’ve learned is a “Greek Key” pattern on the inside rim and fluted edges. It’s timeless and classic, plus it comes from the 1940s (how freaking cool is that?) so you know Shane and I were all about the history factor.

As it turns out, the china itself cleans up pretty well, too.


How gorgeous is it with that charger and the napkin? I love it.

(seriously, I would never have guessed I’d care about this stuff.)

After this part of the day ended, we went on to the mall in search of some shoes and jewelry for mom and her wedding day attire. We didn’t have much luck, but we are both feeling pretty accomplished as of now!

We also were able to order our digital prints of all the engagement photos today, so I’ll have those really soon and will be able to post a lot of them on here for you guys to check out! I was so pleased with how they turned out, and I am so excited to finally (we took them back in October!) be able to share them with everyone!

Don’t forget, if you haven’t already, please go vote for my Spark! Wooo Spark #3- vote here !

Alrighty kiddos, time for me to get busy in the kitchen…I have some stuff to make for a superbowl party that Shane and I are attending tomorrow. Which means…I should have a new recipe for you guys tomorrow, too!

But before all that jazz I might be heading downstairs to see where Dad is at in the show I bought him for his birthday…2 weeks ago, I bought him Season 1 of The Walking Dead just thinking on a whim that he might like it. After much resistance, he finally agreed to watch it.


Guess who went out and bought seasons 2 AND 3 of The Walking Dead last night?

th1JJRCIPK             The-Walking-Dead-Season-3-1

That’s right. Do I know how to pick em, or what?


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