More Blogger Opportunities

Okay friends…today was a pretty blah day. Thing just were kind of a mess, and nothing seemed to be going right at all.

BUT- then, something really exciting happened.

I’ll give you a hint- it has to do with the blog here.

It also has to do with fitness, fitness expos, and blogger meet ups.

Any guesses? (I know I’ve already spammed my Facebook friends about this…but, ya know. 😉 )

Okay, okay…twist my arm! I’ll just tell ya.

I got an e-mail today from the good people over at Fitbloggin.


And this e-mail from the good people over at Fitbloggin was letting me know that the  voting was now open for their Ignite Fitness competition!


And guess who’s Ignite Fitness Spark was chosen as a contender?

This girl’s!

Basically, the Ignite Fitness program allows for fitness bloggers and enthusiasts from all over the country to submit a Spark presentation topic/idea to Fitbloggin. They then put them up on their website and allow the public to vote on which 5 minute presentation they would be the most interested in hearing about at the keynote of Fitbloggin 2014.

And mine is up for voting!

My Spark, entitled “9 Miles”, is the 3rd Spark up on the voting webpage- you can read a little more about it here.


Please, please please…with sugar on top- go to the website and vote for my Spark! If I am one of 7 that receives the highest votes, I’ll get to travel to Fitbloggin for free, AND get a chance to give my 5 minute presentation and share my fitness journey with a bunch of amazing, like-minded people.

How crazy amazing does that sound?!

And to add to the amazing factor, this year’s Fitbloggin is being held at the historic and stunningly beautiful city of Savanah, Georgia!




So again, pretty please take the time to visit the voting page and give my Spark a read! Then, if you’re feeling generous, help a sister out and VOTE!

The link to the website again is on their main page here.

If you want more info on Fitbloggin, be sure and check it out- they’re an awesome organization! Tickets for the event go on sale this upcoming Saturday, February 1st. If it sounds like something you’d be interested in- sign up!

And come on, it’s Savannah.


If all goes well, and you guys help me out with a little voting action 😉 – hopefully I’ll be there too!

Please and thank you all, in advance!

Have a fantastic Wednesday friends!

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