A Honeymoon In……

Aloha friends! I hope your Thursday’s are going as great as mine is!

Now, first thing’s first- I bet you’re all dying to know how Jazzercise went last night, right? Well I wish I could say it was no fun at all- but that’d be a big fat lie.

We had a ton of fun! It was a pretty small class, mostly because it was right around dinner time, but that was perfect for me. After the nightmare of rush hour traffic we had to face on the highway while going there- it was nice not to feel cramped or crowded.

As far as the class itself went, it was a blast! The instructor was awesome- super sassy and helpful and really, really nice. She made an effort to talk to each student in the room, too. It was a nice touch. Of course, she also had some killer moves.

This Jazzercise class consisted of about 40 minutes worth of the actual “dancing” part. Let me just tell you…I don’t care how silly you think dancing for exercise is- this class was no joke. All of the jumping and high knees and arm swinging gets your heart rate up super high, and for someone like me who’s danced all their life, it was all right up my alley. The last 15-20 minutes of the class are a mix of strength training and ab work, which is a great way to end all of that high intensity running around. All of the songs were pop music and I could sing along with all of them, which only added to the fun.

All in all, I really enjoyed the class and would encourage you to go try one if there’s a Jazzercise studio in the area. No leg warmers required. I’m hoping I can go back for one of their Body Sculpt classes sometime soon, too. It’s mostly strength training, a lot like Body Pump.

Now, my only caveat here if you do go out and try it is that- you might feel a little silly, at least at first. I personally really enjoyed the class. Did I feel as bad ass as I do when I’m doing P90 or doing squats at the gym? No. Did I get just as good a workout in? I’d say so!

After Jazzercise was over, I headed to Shane’s for our last round of honeymoon hunting. I was really hoping we’d pick and be able to book last night, because I noticed that packages were slowly going up in price the longer we waited.

Well, it turned out last night was the night- we did it! We officially have our honeymoon booked, and I am so, so excited. After much debate and discussion, we finally landed on what I think is the perfect place for us.

Originally, we had talked about going to Disneyworld again. I was the one who eventually nixed this because we’d already been there twice together and I wanted to go somewhere a little more romantic, with less people and a lot less distraction. And less Mickey Mouse.

Then I told Shane I wanted him to pick and just surprise me, to which he said the following.


So that wasn’t happening. 😉

We toyed around with the idea of the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, the Florida Keyes and Hawaii before finally settling on our top pick. We had lots of friends telling us how wonderful this place was, but it had never really crossed our minds.

Once we started looking, we were sold.

So last night, we officially booked our honeymoon trip to…

Jamaica! (Do you guys know how many times I’ve heard the Bacon/ Beer Can thing since? How about “Slap de bass” from I Love You, Man. Guess. Juuuust guess.)


Montego Bay, to be exact.


We chose an all-inclusive resort, for a number of reasons. Neither of us have ever been to one so we’re really looking forward to that! We also chose an all adult resort- also for a number of reasons. It’s also a really new resort, having just opened May of 2010.


Is it super dorky that I’m really excited about the swim up bar? I’ve never been to one and I think they’re so cool!


All of the photos of this place just look incredible. I’ve been to the Caribbean twice with my family, but we went farther south and to a much smaller, less touristy island called Anguilla.



Where I proceeded to get burned so badly that I had sun poisoning 3 out of the 4 days we were there.


Yeesh. I’ll make sure and lather on the sunscreen for this trip!

Anyway, that’s my exciting bit of wedding related news for today. Tonight is actually my dad’s birthday, so we’re getting ready to head out to dinner to celebrate here in a few minutes. I suggested to Shane that we get another workout date in tonight, but we’ll see…I’m still feeling horribly sore from yesterday’s Core workout!

Have a great Thursday night all.

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