It Was a Big Weekend

Happy Monday!

Are any of you starting your own “Fresh Start” today? I feel like I’ve seen a ton of people talking about how today, rather than January 1st, is the day to start diets, exercise programs, ect. because it’s the first day back to reality.

What do you guys think? Are you “the 1st” or “the 1st Monday” kinda people? 😉

I totally intended to be the former, but I’m afraid I ended up the latter. (There’s that English degree. I knew it was hiding in there somewhere!) My workouts last week were a bit sporadic- they were there, but weren’t as consistent as I would have liked them to be.

I’m starting to feel like maybe I need a little something new?

With that being said, I know some of you may have noticed a specific fitness goal of mine in the post from Friday.


Can anybody see where I’m going with this?

If any of you guessed “make it through a full round of P90x”- you would have guessed right!


Correctemundo, friends. This girl is starting a new round P90x Lean routine- and I’m doing the whole gosh darn 90 days.

I have to.

It’s a 2014 Fit Goal. 😉

Speaking of P90x, if you’ve been considering giving it a whirl for this 2014 year, check out this great article on the program. If it doesn’t get you pumped, you might want to reevaluate what gets you pumped?



Okay, so some exciting stuff happened over the weekend. It was a big weekend in the way of my “blogging career” (hahaha) and a big weekend for FitbieBride in general!

Check it out:


FitbieBride is international!

While this photo only evidences the UK, Australia, and Canada– I’ll have you guys know that I’ve also had people view the blog from India, Germany and Israel. Just not all at once…

You guys are the best! 🙂

Another exciting thing that happened this weekend?

Let me start by asking another question- have any of you fellow blog writers and readers ever heard of the Healthy Living Summit?

It’s been around since 2009, and was founded by 6 healthy living bloggers who were looking to put together an event where like minded people could come together, learn, grown and share their healthy lifestyles. It’s grown a ton since ’09, so they’ve done an amazing job!

Some verbage from their website- “While the summit focuses on eating well, staying fit, and general wellness, we are also excited to be leading discussions on blogging ethics, social media and other internet-driventopics in high demand in our community.” 

Is that not right up my alley or what!?

Look at all the cool places they’ve hosted before!


This year, they’re hosting the event in Madison, WI- which is awesome, cause I’m all about the midwest. 😉


Well, the exciting thing that happened this weekend, was that I got an e-mail from one of the gals in charge of planning the HLS- Heather. (She blogs over here.)

About a month ago, I applied to be on the “Dream Team” committee for planning HLS 2014. Truthfully, I wasn’t really expecting to hear anything back at all, so when I got Heather’s e-mail today I sort of lost my mind a little bit.

Know why?


(I know that photo is lame and super hard to read, but bare with me!)

Heather extended me the opportunity to become a part of the HLS Street Team, an online community of healthy living bloggers that help discuss/debate ideas for the event, interact with sponsors, share info about HLS 2014 through here for all of you guys to see and a bunch of other fun, random opportunities leading up to this year’s summit.

She also said that the  Street Team is the group they’ll be going to when looking for Mini Mingle leaders, info-booth staffers, discussion leaders and other participation opportunities…

Can you guys tell how excited I am?

I remember reading about the Healthy Living Summit back when I first started reading Courtney’s blog and thinking about how much fun it looked.

Now I might be getting the chance to meet, work with and collaborate with these other bloggers that I’ve admired, and that inspired me to start this little blog here- and that is really, really cool!


Well, it’s time for this girl to go and get her P90x pants on! On today’s agenda: Core Synergistics…urrrgh.

Have a fantastic night!

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