Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a blast on New Year’s Eve, stayed safe and had a relaxing New Years Day to recover! I know most of us are back to the grind today, so hopefully everyone was excited and ready for a fresh start in 2014!

Shane and I have been joking all week that January 2nd is sort of like “the ultimate Monday”- ya know how people will often start workout programs or diets up again on Mondays? Well, nearly half of all American’s that go on diets decide to start them right after the New Year. (Hence- the ultimate Monday.)

So theoretically then, NYE is the ultimate Saturday, and yesterday was the ultimate Sunday. See how that works?

Shane and I had a really great New Year! We got to spend our ultimate Saturday night with some great friends that we don’t get to see very often, which is always a lot of fun.

We started out at Old Chicago for dinner, then walked around downtown for a little while before deciding it was pretty much dead due to how “early” it was.

A friend was having a NYE party, and it had been a long time since I had seen her or Shane had, so we decided to head there for a little while.


Check out that amazing spread of treats our hostess had going. Hummus, chex mix, fruit and 4 different kinds of puppy chow.


We rang in the New Year at the party with champagne, balloons and confetti- very classic!

Then we headed over to our friend Anna’s childhood home to keep the party going.


We played several rounds of Mad Gab (girls vs. boys, of course), played music, definitely had a dance party thrown in there at some point and headed to sleep around 4:30.

It was a great night for sure!

I spent yesterday sort of preparing for today, getting organized, doing some Wedding stuff, putting away Christmas presents and the like. It was low key, but I got more done than I figured I would have!


Alright, so today being ultimate Monday is great for a couple reasons.

A- I feel like I’ve let my workout intensity and consistency slide just a bit these last couple weeks, so I’m looking forward to hitting the gym after work today for a solid workout!

B- I’m happy to say that I have logged two healthy meals already today, and I am on track to consuming my gallon of water!

C- My mom bought me a Fitbit Flex band for Christmas, and I just got it up and running last night. Today is my first day getting to try it out at the gym, and I’m really excited to see what all it can do!


For those of you who don’t know what a Fitbit is, it’s a wireless wrist band with a tracker inside that allows to track and manage daily stats: steps taken, water consumed, heart rate, calories burned, distance moved, intense activity minutes, sleep and a host of other things that I admit I haven’t figured out yet!


My mom and I each got one (I got her one, too) and we’ve been playing with them for the past few days to try and figure them out. It’s a learning process, but so far I’m really pleased!


You can wear them all the time- at night and in the shower (because they are water proof), outside. I love mine so far! I’ll be sure to check in again tomorrow and let you guys know what my stats looked like for today. 😉

My gym agenda for tonight looks like a leg workout and 40 minutes of cardio. I’m not sure what I’m feeling for cardio today, but I’m sure the stairmaster will make an appearance at some point!


So I know  you guys know we can’t skip over the inevitable “New Year’s Resolutions” conversation. This is a healthy living blog, after all!

I’m curious to know- what do you guys think? Make them, don’t make them? Are they always bound to fail?

I’m curious because, for myself, I always try and make at least one. This year, however, I have several things that I’m deeming “2014 Goals”, not NYRs- I’m hoping the different wording will help me in my head. (But these shall be revealed in tomorrows Fitness Friday post!)

Have a great night everyone, and try and squeeze in that healthy meal or god workout to start off your ultimate Monday, too!

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