Things I’m Loving- Christmas Eve Edition

Merry Christmas Eve!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am absolutely shocked that it’s already Christmas.


I have a special little “Things I’m Loving Christmas, prt. 1” post comin’ atcha today, but before we get to that why don’t we do the regular thang and review yesterday?


So, yesterday was a regular day at work for us. Me and two of my coworkers hung around the office, got stuff done and prepared for the upcoming holiday. We were also treated to a delicious home cooked lunch.

My coworker that always makes the best treats offered to make us lunch so we wouldn’t have to go out in the ice (oh yeah, it’s wicked icey outside- our parking lot is oh so treacherous).

So here I am- I’m thinking, we’ll have sandwiches or soup, or maybe a salad for lunch.

No, no friends. She went all out.

We had a delicious organic roast for lunch. That’s right, slow cooked in the crock pot with carrots and green beans and all that good stuff. On a Monday afternoon, in the office.

She also made this- gorgeous, right out of a cooking magazine homemade Apple Pie.


Am I spoiled or what?


After work, my brother and I had a quick errand to run- one last present to get! With the ice and crazy Christmas traffic, a trip that would have normally taken 20 minutes took about an hour.


Once we got home, I gotta tell you guys, I wasn’t feeling the gym at all. I was tired, freezing, exhausted from battling the crowds and just feeling really cranky.

That’s right- I was an anti-gym going Grinch. Well, after much careful thought (and realizing I was probably going to miss the gym today– it didn’t open until 8 and I was already at work by 7::30 anyway this morning), guess what?

I sucked it up.

Yep, I went. And I was very glad I did. I got a whole shoulder workout in that ran about 30 minutes. I actually considered running for my cardio yesterday, but once I finished my strength workout I realized that the stair master was calling my name- so my legs and butt got an extra 40 minute burn as well. (Fitting, since today was meant to be leg day!)


Alright, now for the good stuff- “Things I’m Loving, Christmas Eve Edition prt. 1”

  •  I am loving all of the winter wonderland going on outside right now.


This is out behind our office building. Does it not scream White Christmas to you?

just want to sing “Snow” and dance around with a giant feathery fan. 😉


This one is actually out my office window. My window- guys, this is my view…every

day. How gorgeous and festive is that? It’s definitely helping get me into that

Christmas spirit!

  •  Another thing helping with my Christmas spirit? This guy:


I discovered I Heart Radio just recently as a means to listen to my favorite radio morning show, The Bobby Bones show, while I’m getting ready in the morning.

You can do so much with the app- listen to local radio, find radio personalities and listen to their programs commercial free, build custom stations ( like Christmas stations) and more- it’s truly awesome.

And it’s free- Woop!

  •  One last thing I’m loving on this snowy Christmas Eve morning- the sweater I’m wearing.


It might sound silly. I got it last Christmas from The Limited and I la-la-la-love it. It’s super cozy, extremely comfortable, and might I add, pretty stylin’. 😉 I’m a sucker for comfy sweaters, and all the better for them to be cute, too.


Alright kiddos, that’ll do it for this first installment. We’re getting ready to pile into the car and head up to good old Wildcat Country (Manhattan, Kansas for those who aren’t from this neck of the woods) to my grandmother’s house.

This Christmas eve is a little bitter sweet for me. I feel like it’s the last Christmas as “one of the kids” in a way. I’ve been “an adult” I suppose since going to college, but this really feels like my last time for some reason?

For the past 12ish years, me and my two lady cousins have spent the night together on Christmas eve, usually in my grandparent’s room, but sometimes in the TV room or computer room. This is definitely my last year for that tradition- this time next year, I’ll be a married woman, and my new husband and I will be splitting our time between our two wonderful families.

I’m excited to spend this Christmas with my family- I’m going to enjoy every second of it.

But I can’t wait for next year- our first Christmas as our own little family. 🙂 I can’t believe it! The wedding is only a little less than 5 months away!


Alrighty then- ‘ll catch you guys later! Have a very, very Merry Christmas Eve!

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