Random Photos for Random Blogs

Alright folks, how is everyone feeling this afternoon?

Tired? Me too.

But there are some pretty exciting things on the agenda for tonight, so I’m definitely looking forward to that! Besides that, it’s also Thursday…which means its also almost the weekend!

Anyhooo, I hope you guys got the chance to check out Mike from this morning’s post– like I said, he’s super nice! And he succeeded in making this girl love lifting weights again- which I haven’t enjoyed since high school.


I don’t have really any pictures to post on here this afternoon that have any relevance, so here:

For lack of having nothing better to post- this is a delicious bowl full of clementines that we currently have sitting at the office. I LOVE these things. I eat like 4 a day. They are so ripe and juicy and perfect this time of year, it’s insane.

The only negative with these here cuties is that they’re pretty banged up. My boss is currently trying to teach my how to juggle, and these are bearing the brunt of that. Poor things.

Still taste awesome though. (<—I’ve never noticed how much I use the word awesome before. It’s everywhere. Holy smokes.)


So you might have noticed that my workout from last night didn’t match up to my workouts I listed on Sunday. Well, that’s because I knew I wouldn’t make it to the gym tonight and wanted to make sure I got a good back/biceps workout in this week.

Why can’t I make it to the gym tonight, you ask?

I’ll be on the other side of town with my parents and Shane’s parents, watching him perform in a Christmas play/musical. From what I hear, it’s pretty cute, and I love watching Shane up on stage. He’s so good!

(Sidenote: We actually met doing theatre here, back when we were kids. And by met, I mean…I had the biggest crush on him ever and he pretty much didn’t know who I was. Obviously, that all changed. 😉 But it took him a while!)

On that note, it’s time for me to head over that way. But I’ll leave you with this, semi-unrelated photo of our bannister Christmas lights! Aren’t they pretty

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