Awesome Training Program

Hello, hello! It is very, very cold outside this morning…and I am currently sitting at the doctor’s office waiting for my 7:25 appointment. (I’m hoping it goes fast- I’d love to make a pit stop at my my new favorite coffee place!)

Backing up to Tuesday (gosh, I can’t believe I skipped a whole day?) I ended up going over to Shane’s for another round of P90x- Chest and Back. It was a good workout, and I love seeing my sweet pea in week nights!


This is a little off topic, BUT I wanted to share this little magic Keurig cup with you all.


These are made by Swiss Miss, and they are DELICIOUS. The Keruig machines make the perfect cup of cocoa every time.

Super yum. We ran out of these earlier this week…bummer.

Last night, I made a triumphant return to the gym for a Back/Biceps workout. As per usual, the strength portion runs about 35-40 minutes.

Afterwards, I followed up with 45 minutes of my new 50 minute stair master workout. (<– I would link to it, but every time I try it doesn’t work! Visit the workouts page later on today and I’ll hopefully have it up!)


Okie dokie- since starting this blog a couple (or a few? It hasn’t quite been 3 weeks yet) weeks back, I’ve mentioned my workout program several times.

I have had quite a few people ask me about it, so I thought I’d go ahead and share some info today!

What I have been doing is a 6 week comprehensive training/ cardio program with a 6 week macro nutrient breakdown that goes with it. (Technically, I’m finished. But my workouts got pretty interrupted the past 2 weeks so I’m re-doing the last 2 weeks of the program currently.)

I got my program from an online NASM certified trainer- his name is Mike, he is SUPER nice, his programs are great and he is affordable (bonus!).




His website is Pain and Gain Fit– its really easy to navigate, gives you tons of great info and shows all packages and pricing breakdowns.





He also has a whopping TON of testimonials.




And his puppy is pretty darn adorable, too.

I would definitely recommend his programs! I have loved mine, and plan on doing it again (only slightly modified) after finishing this last phase.


I hope you check him out! Have a great Thursday morning, all! 🙂


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