Adventures in Coffee

So remember this morning when I said I needed coffee?Well, that turned out to be more difficult than anticipated.

Right before I was about to leave for work, I got a pone call from my co-worker reminding me of something terrible.

We are all out of Keurig cups at the office. The horror!

So, I set out to find us a good cup of coffee from the coffee shop down the street. Ie- Starbucks.

Well, if any of you have ever tried to get in line at Starbucks at 8am on a weekday morning then I bet you can guess what kind of line we were working with today.


Granted, I could have just gone in. But it was way too cold out for that noise.

So I drove up the street a ways to the other Starbucks location and, wouldn’t you know it, that line was clear around the building. Needless to say, at this point I was feeling ready to go coffee-less.

But then a wonderful thing happened.

I pulled up into the itty, bitty Scooter’s drive through window and low and behold- no line. None.

Thank the Lord.

So this little lady did end up getting her coffee after all.

Disaster averted.

Well I’m about to wrap things up around these parts and head to the gym for my favorite dinner time workout! On tonight’s agenda is a chest and triceps strength workout + the squats I didn’t end up getting to last night.

Then I’m feeling like a little of that Stair Masteraction from yesterday might be necessary- have a great night!

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