Challenge Update Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! Half way through the week already, can you believe it?

So here I sit, preparing a little half-way-through-the-first-week Challenge update! Here are my stats so far:

-Try a new exercise every day: 2 for 2

-Extra 5 minutes added to each workout: 2 for 2

-New recipe: 0 for 2 (planned for Friday)

-Eating Clean: 1 for 2 (I did have a small piece of birthday cake last night- it was delicious.)

-Yoga on rest day: 0 (that won’t happen til Sunday)

-One new exercise class: 0 for 2

I actually think I want to update my challenge goals to include adding 1 morning workout a week– I’ll be checking this of my list tomorrow!

How are your Holiday Health Challenge goals going? Hopefully great!


Alrighty, let’s back up a little to last night, shall we?


As I suspected, we didn’t end up doing a double round of P90x last night. We got a solid workout in doing Chest and Back + some added legs/cardio thrown in to round everything out.

We had a little help during our workout from one of our many sweet nephews. He loves doing push ups- and hanging out with his Uncle Shane.

Such a cutie!

After our workout, we headed upstairs to join the rest of the crew for birthday barbecue, present and cake. Everything was delicious (especially the BBQ  turkey!). Shane and I also shared a Cherry Coke Zero- a huge vice mine, and it was phenomenal.

Before eating, I got the chance to check out a pretty cool project that my future father-in-law had been working on. Check this out:

Looks like marble, right? Well it isn’t! I’m not 100% sure how the process works, but he made the counter tops, installed them and added under cabinet lighting all by himself.

It really looks gorgeous, doesn’t it?

I was super impressed.


Well I think we’re about to head out in search of our Christmas tree! We still don’t have it yet, which is nuts- we almost always have it up the day after Thanksgiving! Hopefully we find one tonight.

After that, this little lady is going to try and get herself psyched up to go to the gym. I’m really just not feeling it today…I don’t know if it’s the weather or the busy schedule or what.


What do you do to amp yourself up to workout when you’re struggling? Any advice would be welcome!

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