“Double” Date and Shadow Boxing

Hellooooo again- fancy seeing you here. 😉

I’m going to keep today’s post short and sweet- tonight is a very busy night. I’m heading over to Shane’s house in about 10 minutes to get our workout on. We met for lunch today, and when I found out he was attempting to do a double tonight, I was all in.

Err…I was in. Mostly because I sort of have a feeling we won’t be doing a double. 1 P90x workout is hard enough- but 2? 

Get outta town.

(It was a whole hilarious exchange, ending in Shane looking at me and saying “Please, don’t post that on the blog…”

Don’t worry, sweet pea, I won’t. 😉 )

Still, I’m excited either way because A) one of the workouts is an old p90 favorite of mine:

and B) the other is Chest and Back-and I was supposed to work chest today anyway.

Perfection, if you ask me!

It also happens to be the night we’re celebrating our brother-in-law’s birthday, so we have that right after our attempted double, which means I get to see my future in-laws, sisters, brother-in-law’s AND all my sweet nieces and nephews tonight!

So, hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to give you guys that P90X workout review I’ve been wanting to do tomorrow!

For now, I’ll leave you with this new workout- I’m a huge fan of kickboxing and tae bo, and this is a kickboxing workout you can do anywhere!

You’ll notice there’s no “rest” period here- that because some of these moves are active rest moves, and are designed to help you catch your breath while you’re still moving.

Well, it’s about time I make like Tony Horton and BRING IT!

Catch ya later!

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