It’s Just Magical

Howdy! How did everyone’s Monday go? Hopefully nice and smooth- I know Mondays always set the tone for the week, so it’s awfully nice when they go well!

*Spoiler Alert. So I didn’t get a chance to mention this earlier- but if any of you are Walking Dead fans like I am…HOW UPSET WERE YOU AFTER THE SHOW LAST NIGHT?! I was honestly horrified.

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Sorry for the all caps, guys. I’m too invested.

I also may have shed a tear. Or two.

There’s no shame in the zombie apocalypse.

(For those who don’t watch the show and want to see why Hershel was pretty much everything on TWD, watch the video below of his speech from earlier this season. So many feels.)


Okay– enough of all that!

As I mentioned earlier, I was super psyched about getting back into my normal routine today. After a fairly busy day at work (we’re on deadline this week) and some not-so-exciting meal choices (I had some lean brisket meat and veggies for both lunch and dinner, and a pretty “meh” egg sandwich for breakfast), I finally did something today worthy of sharing on here- hooray!


Today was leg day, so my workout tonight consisted of about 8 different leg/glute exercises, doing roughly 4 sets of each move at between 18 and 10 reps per set.

I also PR’d on the leg press tonight!  150 lbs. for 8 reps, close stance. Woo!

My strength workout took me about 45 minutes to get through, including abs, which brought with it another new-to-me move—> the Reverse Crunch. I gotta say, they weren’t my favorite. But hey, it still counts as a new exercise for today!

I followed it up with 30 minutes of the “Hill Climb” workout on the Arc trainer, and then another 15 minutes of HITT on the stair master.

I was jamming out to movie music during my workout today- most notably, to this masterpiece.  Boom.


Normally, I do cardio for 40-ish minutes after strength, but today I added my extra 5 minutes. So far, so good on my Holiday Health Challenge!

Funny Stuff

Alrighty, so while it might come as a surprise to some of you that I workout to music from movies, it probably shouldn’t. I’m sort of a huge nerd, and to be honest nothing quite pumps you up like a super hero music.

It’s just a fact.

Well, when I’m not jamming to monster movie soundtracks, you might catch me rocking out on the treadmill to one of my all time favorite musicals.

Les Miserables.  It’s been my favorite ever since I first saw it at neighborhood high school back when I was 9.

That’s a whopping 13 years. This is serious love.

Another indication of how much I love this show- every time it comes to town, I go. No questions asked. Also, when the movie came out, I definitely went to see it twice. In one day. Back to back. Like…I came out of one theatre with Shane and went straight into a new theatre with my parents. Yeah.

I promise there’s a point to all this.

Today, after deciding that a little over a week is just much too long to go without seeing the man I love, I decided to ask Shane if he wanted to meet me tomorrow for lunch. His response?

Now, in case you don’t know why this is the cutest, most awesome thing ever, please feel free to watch the video below and discover the cultural treasure that is Les Mis.

It’s just magical. 🙂

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