Scenes from the Weekend

Gooood morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend- we certainly did! It was jam packed, but full of family and great food and Dunkin coffee and weddings- all very fun things.

We are currently in the car heading home, and I am thrilled because we finally brought out our Christmas music! Now that Thanksgiving is over and its officially December, I feel like I can fully embrace the Christmas season. First up, a little Michael. Screenshot_2013-12-01-09-29-18-1

We are hoping to get our tree and our outdoor lights up today, too. Yay!

So since I’m in the car and typing on my phone is less than favorable, I thought I’d try my hand at a “Scenes from a Saturday/Sunday” post for this weekend. Hope you enjoy!






IMG_20131130_134106_065My first ever Bloody Mary. Very Spicy. Very delicious.

IMG_20131130_232241_912 Plaza Lights!

That will about do it for this post I think. We did so many things this weekend, and truthfully I forgot to bring my camera out for most of it. 😦 Sorry guys. Still getting used to this whole blogging thing! But hey, its only been a week. 😉

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