Cyber Monday on a Sunday

Hello again, and happy Sunday evening. My apologies for the delay in posting today- when we got back from KC I had to lay down for a little while due to the fact that I had a headache that was arguably the worst headache I’ve ever had in my life.


After that, I helped my mom and dad put up some of our Christmas decorations(!!!) which I love. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas over here! 

Now that my headache is mostly gone (thank the Lord) I wanted to stop by here again to give everyone a little update on some awesome online deals happening!

Are any of you super into the whole Black Friday thing? I am not…I would much rather not got trampled or pepper sprayed. There’s nothing that I want that bad. I do, however, get pretty amped up about “Cyber Monday”!

I’m a huge fan. Huge.

So imagine my joy today when I logged into my e-mail and found a whopping 125 e-mails in my inbox, all referencing online deals for tomorrow?


Anyway, some of my favorites from today included this spiffy e-mail:  <—-126 e-mails. My bad.

I love the Gap. I also love Banana Republic. And Piper Lime? Get outta town. This little gem made my day today, especially because this year my goal was to have all Christmas gift shopping completed before the 1st.

Obviously, that didn’t happen. But guess what- this girl can find something for everyone on her list just by shopping online at the places listed in this e-mail.


My other favorite from today was an e-mail from a magical place.

This online shopping haven is known as Please, do yourself a favor and visit this website asap. Just check out the killer savings you can score over here. Guys. That’s a 53% savings. 53%. AND free shipping.

On everything.

Yeah. You’re welcome. 😉

So if you’ll excuse me, now that I’ve finished playing “blogger Santa” and sharing some pretty sweet deals with you guys, I’d say I earned a little extra Sunday night R&R.  I have quite a bit of magazine reading to catch up on before my shows start tonight.

I’m loving the plot twists this season on Once Upon a Time– they are extra twisty, which makes for a very addicted Meredith.

And of course, we can’t forget about my beloved The Walking Dead! Looks like there might be a rumble going down on tonight’s show…does anyone else watch? The Governor vs. Rick, round 2- I can’t wait!

Have a great night guys. I’ll be back tomorrow with a post about a very exciting Holiday challenge!

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