A Few Updates

Good morning guys- Happy Hump Day!

Just wanted to pop in and say hey, and tell you guys a funny story.

Okay– I had my very first “You know you have a blog when…” moments on Monday night.

I was upstairs, laying in bed, getting ready to fall asleep- I have this awesome little sound machine app, I love it- when all of a sudden my phone goes off.

Whenever my phone goes off in the middle of the night (or in this case, 10:00pm…I’m old) I panic.

SO I sit up in bed, grab my phone and look to see who’s texting me.

Turns out, it was from my mom.

“You ate one of my muffins?”

Yes mom. Yes I did.


Just a little heads up, I updated the wedding page, the recipes page and the workouts page over the last couple days.

I’m adding new links and resources, and slowly beefing up the blog a little bit!

I’m thrilled- it’s actually finally starting to feel like a real blog. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my ramblings, tried one of my workouts or just laughed at my goofball self. It is all very much appreciated!

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