The Morning Workout That Wasn’t

(FYI-  The Wedding page was updated this morning!)

Happy Monday! How is everyone doing on this fine (and very cold) start to the Thanksgiving week?

Me? I could be better.

I gotta tell ya, I’m a little disappointed in myself. I blew off my morning cardio today, and I am just not real happy about it. At the time, my bed sounded WAY, way better than getting up for a session of P90x. Retrospectively, I would much rather be sitting here typing up the Cardio X workout review that I had originally planned for this post.


Ahhhhh, well. Tomorrow is another day! If there’s one thing I have learned, it’s to not beat myself up endlessly over missing a workout. It happens. So I’ll just bump the workout review post to tomorrow afternoon- so be on the lookout for that!

I know we can all barely contain our excitement.  😉


Let’s move on, shall we?

Okay guys, so along with my plain chicken and kale salad (oof), I also snacked on one of these little gems after lunch. veggie muffins

Have you guys ever had these? I am a sucker for anything with bananas or chocolate chips…

I heated mine up for 35 seconds in the microwave, then smeared a tiny bit of PB on top. Super delicious. pb and muffin

You can find them at Target!

Other News

So, if any of you read my post from Saturday night, you might have read about a certain excitement that was going on over here this weekend.

Yes, our Save the Dates finally arrived!

After months of working on google docs and excel, and countless e-mail threads, texts and tons of Facebook messages later- we finally succeeded in finalizing our wedding guest list!

Honestly, a HUGE shout out to my wonderful mom, who spent days and days working through the list to make sure everything was perfect. It wouldn’t have come together like it did without her- thank you, mom!

So Saturday evening, mom and I spent a couple more hours putting our handy dandy address labels and handy dandy return address stamp to good use. My dad took the completed Save the Dates to the post office bright and early this morning (thanks dad!) and they are now officially on their way!

Once they start arriving (which could be as early as TOMORROW) I’ll post a photo of them on here-along with the link to our awesome photographer and save the date printing company.

Hope your Monday has been fantastic!

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