Good Things Are A’comin

Well, hello hello! How is everyone on this oh-so-fine Thursday afternoon? (Full disclosure, I’m actually writing this on Wednesday over my lunch break…so forgive any misgivings in tense and/or timeline information.)

Can I just tell you, what a journey it’s been even thus far? This is my first post EVER that I will allow go public, on my first big-girl blog with a REAL domain name, that I will actually promote via social media. Ever.

This might seem obvious. You might be thinking “Duh, Meredith.” Or maybe not, “duh” is a little retro.  But this being my first real blog/first real blog post ever is a big thing for me. I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time, but was always too chicken. I have several that are still floating around out on the inter web somewhere- I can’t remember the names of them, or even which sites they’re on, let alone my username or password to them.  This little thing right here has been about 3 years in the making my friends, and no matter what happens- even if the only people who read this are friends (out of pity), family (out of curiosity),or the future hubs (out of obligation), this is still exciting and still a big deal to me and gosh darn it, I’m going to have fun with it!

Alllllrighty then-


For this first post, I thought I would take a second to explain the title of the blog. Because yeah, I know it sounds sorta goofy.

Well- let’s start with Fitbie. No, it isn’t a real word. However, I have referred to myself as a “fitbie” for quite a while now, as I feel it does a good job of describing how I view fitness in relation to who I am as a person. I am not a fitness addict, I am not a fitness competitor, I am CERTAINLY not a fitness model.

I am a fitness enthusiast- it gives me joy. I feel better when I exercise regularly. I like trying new kinds of exercise. “Fitbie” just happened to sound cute, not too serious, happy- but still has “fit” in it, because, well…fitness, to me, is important.

Bride- probably a lot more self explanatory! I’ll be getting married to the love of my life in May of 2014. He proposed last September (2012, not 2013) in a gorgeous surprise that he happened to capture entirely on video. (My man is so smart!)

I’ll most certainly find and post a link to that later on- probably in the next post, or on the Wedding page!

Well that’ll about do it for this first post…hopefully soon I’ll work out the rest of the kinks around here and be able to post some more photos- have a wonderful Friday!

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